Latest update 2000.7.7.

International exchange(January 21, 2000.)

Do you know Trigun? Trigun is a SF story. The human race had
migrated to a far star. In Trigun, a rival said,
"Scattering Human race's gene the universe is similar to infection spreading."

Perhaps in a small way, I will introduce Japanese Otaku culture into foreign country. But, my intention may be similar to infection spreading.
If you asked me,
"Do you want to introduce sexuality such as Yaoi and Lolita Complex?"
I would say,
"No, because those don't have to spread."
(But, I like Yaoi...)

Today, I know those have spread all over the world. But, Vampire hasn't been spread. And, Japanese are opened misunderstanding that always draw sexuality picture of Morrigan or Felicia.

In fact, fan site which introduce oneself as Kenzen is linking Japanese Ero-site by mono direction, because one easily can
discover a big Ero-site which has many visit count in Japan. Though there is plain Kenzen fan site in Japan. Because one's Japanese language skill is limited, so that one can't find the Kenzen site. I think Japanese are opened misunderstanding, isn't it?

I want to prove the misunderstanding is false. But, I think it is meaningless that introducing detail data of Vampire into
all over the world (such a contradiction data... see my research). However, if I were an American comics fan, I would ask eagerly, when oversea fan said
"It is yet to be translated, I have a detail data of American
"Please, let me read it! I don't mind it have not been translated."

Hence, I will advance international exchange on my way. What
do you think?

(This was written by Aki and translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)

Fighting-game and hearing (January 13, 2000.)

Why did I set up this site? Because I searched "Darkstalkers"
on oversea site, when my friend Masaoka told me about oversea
Tekken fan, I guessed Vampire site to exist. I discovered Darkstalkers Domain BBS, and there was post,
"Vampire 4, which we can use fighter as much as 50, will be sell."
"It is transplant version 3, isn't it?"
"Please tell me the truth, anyone."

I posted a message, as following,
"I'm a Japanese. I think it is false. Probably, its title is

A message replied as following,
"Oh, Japanese. Do you know what Dalkstalkers are saying while
fighting? I am always wondering. We can understand only what
Demitri are saying."

Does she/he mean character's voice isn't substitute, so that
she/he can't understand such a speech?
"Mata asonde ageruwa."
"Yami ni kaere."

That's so sorry...I posted a translation what Dalkstalkers character saying to the BBS. They very appreciated it. I had posted several times to the BBS, I had an idea that
"If I settle up a site aimed foreigner, they would happy." After, I modified the translation and upload it TRANSLATION page
on my site.

I have a question. How does foreigner hear "Mata denaosite oide." or "Fu, yowaina."? Foreigner can understand text by take
Japanese dictionary, but pronunciation can't understand.

I reminder...long ago, "Get my rage!" said Demitri, Japanese
mistake, "Genmai rice!" "San bai gaesi!" "Zettai iya!" "Hyaku
bai gaesi!" "Sinjae!" "Special chaos flare!", and so on.

Of course, "We can understand only what Demitri saying." they
can understand "Get my rage!" It's easy to English native speaker. On the contract, I can understand "Warui ko ne..." it's easy to me.

Recently, Demitri speaks Japanese, I'm sad. CAPCOM, Please sell a stand-in edition game. I don't like displayed caption while fighting.

(This was written by Aki and translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)