Many Makai living things has already flowed into the human world in "Darkstalkers" story world.
Some of them have high value for human being. There is very much demand: decorations material,material that doesn't exist in the human world (liquid from internal organs and blood), research object as a creature weapon, and so on. In general, Darkhunter is an occupation, which meets demand for the clientele. They hunt demons and they get reward that corresponding to its ability. Though there are many rewards as much as a degree of danger, failure isn't forgiven because the inhabitant of darkness (Darkstalkers) is the opponent. In other words, it means "death". They can't try to compete with opponents if their body only built up or they are only used to handle of fight skill and guns. Only a D class Makai beast sometimes kills one very first-class army too easily. When someone is confronted with a beast of the different world, both is necessary, strong spiritual, which can keep a normal nerve and "heart of darkness", which isn't violated in Makai's miasma beasts give off.

It is said that such several hundred of Darkhunters exist in the human world. Of course their ability vary widely. There are doubtful fellows who can't hunt not only the inhabitant of darkness but also a stray dog. B.B.Hood is really a hunter of "special S class" in that. Because "heart of darkness" is endowed since born, it is more difficult to planting that later. Then, it can't be branded simply that the heart might make unfortunate themselves and a circumference.
For example, though B.B.Hood herself only worked for the money, thanks to that, the inhabitants of towns were saved, where was threatened by demons. There are many things like that. Good and bad of the things vary in the judged person. Conflicts happen because of believe which is different each other. Moreover, values of Makai are different from the human world. Our common sense, which holds right only in the just small world, can't measure them. In the first place, who decided that "justice" was more precious than "evil". Both the wild beast of Makai and the saint of the human world who is working for the reign, are equal in the point of soul purity.
B.B.Hood lives faithfully in her "heart of darkness". Thinking about only securing of ones profit, that way of living is a ideal of human being in some senses. Values's standard doesn't exist for B.B.Hood who is attached to "money" except for the tariff of her work. She lives in the two far worlds Makai and the boundary of the human world, then, the inhabitant of which world can't decide whether she is right. Only B.B.Hood can decide by herself.

Childish Darkhunter B.B.Hood's most of information is wrapped in mystery. What kind of life is she usually doing? I will introduce a part of her daily life in the following.

- Attending Hunter Guild North Europe Combination Alpine Branch Liaison Conference.
Interchange with other hunters is necessary for final securing a profit.
- Purchasing weapons ammunition distributed in illegal channels.
A first-class work person must always handle first-class ammunition.
- At home, maintaining portable gun vessels.
For hunters, it is common sense that must not neglect that.
- Mixing of the gunpowder of mines.
It is expression of consciousness as professional to work hard always and to pile up research.
- Shopping clothes and food, running errands to grandmothers house.
Her side as one girl can be seen.
- Training Control Shooting. (for example, 100m dash × 50)
Foundation is fortified, and it can be applied. You must not forget your original intention.
- Picking up of individual Darkstalkers information with meteorological satellite "CATASTROPHE"
(a military satellite camouflaged) which is used for satellite communication circuit.
Modern hunter business presents the aspect of information battle. She exploits technicalities to challenge an enemy.
- Entering to "Darkhunting Grand Prix", which is held twice in a year. (Decide a target, which cost a prize, and competes to shoot down)
This is the entertainment of established custom, which introduces skill in hunting. But, all hunters don't always follow this grand prix.
By the way, such occupation is increasing during this last year, which occupation is different from Donovan, who is human-Mazoku half-breed and was committed to battle for cursed fate.


- Soul Bee group is a kind of devil-insect group. There are about 50-150 bees in individual group. The leader of an individual group is called Q-Bee. In other words, Q-Bee is not an individual name but a title. Incidentally, "others crowd" is just called Bee or P-Bee.

- Q-Bee works to raise the head of next generation, that is, "next Q-Bee" from the individual group. In children who are born, there is a bee that has a honey capsule (an organ to concentrate and accumulate nutrition) in a certain probability, and this becomes the head of next generation, Q-Bee.

- There are male and female in P-Bee divide roughly. (Ratio 2:8) There are few distinctions in appearance. (Male are a bit little.) Male just exists only for sake of reproduction. Male's self-regenerated ability is very weak compared with female. Because a present Soul Bee group has powerful ability of self-reproduction and regeneration, change of generation is possible without male's help. Before long, male will disappear from Soul Bee group completely.

- Her "eyes" are compound eyes in the head.
In fact, "eyes" that seems to be eyes of the human being in the face is an imitation. It is mimic to deceive other creatures.

- The sense of touch takes the smell of "food" very sensitively.
That effective range reaches several hundred km.

- Their intelligence level is equal to a 4-5 years old baby of human being.
They can have easy conversation.

- Appetite is the most important of their behavior principles.
They assume things moving except for their selves are sources of nutrition and kills to catch and eat. Their digestion ability is wonderful, and never gets upset stomach to very bad food. They will die if they don't always eat something because their metabolism is drastic. Fasting reaches 36 hours kill them securely.

- Attack names of Q-Bee were extracted from "Makai devil-insect summa (writer Varbul Mattarayer)". Attack names were re-written in the nearest language sound of the human world.


Berial foresaw that Makai would be exposed to the crisis sometime soon. Someone needs large quantities power to maintain unbalanced world Makai. He foresaw that suitable person as maintainer of Makai would appear unless after 1,200 year in Aensland family. He thought to ask Morrigan to look after Aensland family's future (that is the same as Makai's future for Berial). He merely didn't chose Morrigan as
ruler's successor. He might look upon her as relative or family.

Of course as succubus, Morrigan was very exception even during the whole of Mazoku (devil race). She had power as much as S class Makai nobles by nature. However, at that time (about 300 year ago), power game was becoming full blast in Makai by the three Makai noble, and skirmish occurred one after the other in various locations. It was unacceptable for anyone that giving sovereignty to a simple childish succubus.

That was not all problems. Childish Morrigan didn't know how to control the tremendous power kept secret. If she was left as she was, there was even danger, which ruined herself with her power goes off accidentally and enormous damage was given to a circumference before became an adult. Berial gave "Isolation and seal of power", and decided to protect her life. The soul of Morrigan was done for two minutes, and the other closed in the space of the seal, which Berial created.

Power didn't become to be 50% simply. Each other powerfully attracted because the thing that was one from the first was divided forcibly. Berial prevented her overdrive with closing a part of her power to himself to control it. Strictly speaking, it was divided that the soul of Morrigan in three: Morrigan's body, the seal space, and Berial's body. When these become one she can recover the original power.
Before recognizing the total amount of ones power, it is difficult even to sense existence, of course controlling it. Actually, it was after the death of Berial that Morrigan knew the existence of "other self".

It was supposed that power sealed was regained to her body after Berial's death, and she get the original power as "The next ruler of Makai", which was hoped by him. However, a part of them being taken in was lost, and Morrigan's power was not returned to 100% just after she born. Moreover......Berial didn't notice a certain accident happened in power sealed.

Power closed came to have "a character" in the space of the seal. She....Lilith began to recognize self, after several years from the ceremony of the seal. The heart of Morrigan, which former herself, sometimes slipped into consciousness of Lilith. (Morrigan side never noticed this thing.) Lilith knew
Makai, and makes thought grow. That was like very primitive homing instinct, and a little different from the usual emotion such as admiration and jealousy. Power is indicated as the strength of "soul" in Makai. There is no wonder even if a piece of power divided forcibly is composed as the form of the original, as "soul". It was a proof that Morrigan had power that could produce different character.

Lilith gets "substance" by helping the lord of death Jedah's plot of restoration. A attraction of Morrigan and other Darkstalkers were those bargaining points. Because natural Morrigan's power was the source of energy which couldn't be overlooked for Jedah. It didn't know whether Lilith understood the real intention of the Jedah's word "salvation". But she is glad, and enjoys that limit freedom. This "Majigen" is the actual world for Lilith, she finally do "the birth" in the world. Her joy lasts so far as there is a fighter satisfies her curiosity made to grow and there is a purpose that is "return original body". She plays like a child, doesn't know darkness of the evening dusk.......

[About the gender of Lilith]

She is woman physically. Obviously "the temporary figure" which Jedah gave to her is Lilith's hope "the figure which wants to be here" and is a imitation of Morrigan.

It seems that a perfect copy wasn't completed. Though this is a guess, this is why she looks are childish, it will be the expression of her believes that she is not perfect existence. It may be hatched with "the virgin" as a child who yearns for an adult, or a person before becoming "a woman" as well.

There is no conclusive evidence in the point of whether she keeps maintaining that body. In condition the power of Jedah effective, if she hopes "I want to be a man.", she will be to a man as well. If she hopes for the unification with Morrigan strongly, the figure of "a man" as a conqueror will be sometimes taken.

Of course, power or believes is necessary to become substance, that power makes enormous energy.
Therefore the action is considered to difficult without a providence of Jedah (or, even if with).

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


There is a castle of the darkness family in a deep Rumania mountain, which castle appears only at a full moon night. That castle called Salzlereich (named after the administrator of the land.) is the castle of Makai noble Maximoff Family from the first. For 100 over years ago, Demitri Maximoff was exiled from Makai to the human world with that castle. Sunshine is troublesome stuff for Mazoku (devil race). It was more so for Demitri covered all over with wounds by the battle with Berial. If they are directly exposed, the inside of their body organization will be destroyed, and they will disappear. Demitri covered the castle with a covering field (thin film of power) to avoid sunshine and attention with little power that left to him. Then he devoted himself to maintain this field, recover his strength, and cure his wounds. For about 50 years, he never went out of a bedroom of the castle no less than 1 step. While strength had been regained gradually, he uncovered the field and he came to expose skin in night air only at a full moon night.

It began that some human beings appeared by chance in the castle those days. Others came with shoes into the sleep place to steal furniture and treasures of the castle. Where did they hear rumor? They recklessly attacked with a cross, a tree stake, garlic, holy water, or a shotgun with a silver bullet. They must think they could win with those various weapon. Demitri couldn't help smiling bitterly. Such things are little effective than a mosquito against him. Though they were the most vulgar races, their blood let Demitri enjoy. In particular blood of innocent girl was like the best wine that was rarely drunk in Makai. When human beings' blood were sucked, their body and soul were poisoned by evil, then became valets who absolutely loyal to Demitri. At present, about 40 people settle in the castle, and they are taking care of Demitri.

When the original power is recovered about 80%, He will be able to wear the covering field (aura) with power. The field is a powerful thing that can temporarily shut off sunshine. Since Demitri get over light and he can control darkness, he has no weak point. It means that there is no method human beings knock him down with. For 100 years he felt humiliation, but the reward was big. He acquires various ability and wisdom and "the prince of darkness" steadily saves his power to reposition in Makai. Though the attack of universe life Pyron was an event outside his expectation, after that Demitri more and more realized he was the strongest.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


Generally, it is said that people of succubus race called lecherous -devil absorb opposite-sex's zowie as their energy source though, the succubus people who live in Aensland area varies a little in ecology. They form special secretion liquid in their body by receiving a mental & physical impulse from outside, and maintain their life with that. Suppose one of them was trapped inside small space, she would die within second day because of very tedium and lack of stimulus. It is because the liquid that is necessary for her life can't be secreted. To make up for that, be that as it may, they became possible that getting other people's "dream". When no stimulus were given to them, that evolution might happen as a result because they have to look for excitement by own. When a creature dreams, special secretion liquid is formed in the brain. A succubus can rob this secretion liquid from the outside. People who is being robbed feels strange sense as if ones dream is entirely carried away by someone. Lack of the memory is very different from that strange sense. The secretion liquid, which was taken by force like this, is dissolved in succubus's body and is composed. Incidentally, their blood and saliva has powerful lustful effect, a human being can have instantaneous death if he take it directly. Their body odor element makes blood vessels dilate, and stimulate a large quantity perspiration. A man being in front of succubus, even if he did mind training very much, doesn't escape from her concupiscence.

It is said that incubus race is the contrary to succubus race. Incubus is not distinction between male and female in a single race, but another obvious race. Though they are treated "lecherous devil" as well as succubus race, their ecology is very different. First off, their looks are not necessarily all "person-type handsome men" in incubuss in comparison with the succubus race that has many "person-type beautiful women". People who has looks of a quadruped beast, which was far from the person-type, and a wyvern occupies 60% of the whole. They have powerful aphrodisiac digestive juice in their body, and pour it to a opponent to be food. Then the opponent's inside element changes, and becomes high intake efficiency food for incubus. That method is like insect or animal. They do with "women" because the effect of the digestive enzyme is very good than men. Therefore, they only eat the man in unavoidable circumstances.

People of the succubus race live to be about 4OO years old though there is a difference in individual. They become adult for several years after born, then their beautiful looks is kept until death. They keep their good looks even when they are old. It is last several hundred-year that their continuance as a seed have been in danger. There is a limit in quantity of zowie that can be taken from the individual. Their range of searching "dream", which was the substitution food, reached even to the human world though, it became more and more difficult to take the amount of satisfactory nutrition. When Morrigan became the successor of Aensland, people of succubus race were about 200 in Makai. Something must be done, otherwise the race would disappears after 1 - 2 generation. But they are not disappointed at that circumstance, and they are enjoying carefree life.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)

Lord Raptor

Young Ausie's the charisma, a very good guitarist, a murderer, and "God of Metal", when did Lord
Raptor's music work start, it was not clear. Only this was clear he had been not famous until he announced his the first album "Oral Dead".

The indie album had not many sales, it was partial supported, suddenly it caused a sensation in metal scene.

Lord Raptor was famous in all over Australia, the second album had sold 200,000 for a month, had sold one million for 3 months. But buyer was limited, almost was late teens. They looked not enthusiastic fans but the faithful to a leader who have a lot of charisma.

His fearful death has handed down still. 100 fans's blood had pulled out for a moment at final live.
Every victims died looked happy. The whole of event is not obvious, why he became a skeleton for a moment too.

But the other day, a strange leather-bound book was discovered in L.Raptor's house, it was expected for clues to the event. The title of the book was "a fragment of Tolakido" which was written in ancient Hebrew. The book explained existence of another world, which called "Makai". The sentence very resembled lyrics of his hit song. To our surprised, the truth was hidden in translated topic "a curse to give sacrifices for the king of Makai". The last song was "Sacrifice" at live which go with 100 peoples. For the first time, the song was played on that day and it is the last song in his life.
The lyrics were the same as the curse.

By later decipher research, we found out it had to prepare for long time to complete the curse.

L.Raptor had bound sacrifices with music (curse) from the day which first album was announced. Does
L.Raptor aim to sing a curse with song and to get sacrifices? Nowadays, it can't be proved anyway.
Songs he left are sold on the market, according to a person who saw L.Raptor's live, mysterious his voice were lost on CD. After all, the event have not been got rational explanation. Only we can say, simple musician couldn't do such the thing, but if a devil looked after him...

[Lord Raptor Discography]
"Oral Dead"
The first album, which contains a very hit song "Oral Dead".

The second album. A good CD, which recorded a million seller by word of mouth.

"Noise of Heaven"
The third album, which is more religious and more ceremonial. It contains "Soul Beats", its theme is rebirth of soul and contains "Black Justice", which have a curiosity-hunting lyrics, which is characteristic of the song.

The memorial first live album, which gathered 60,000 people in Southern Cross Hall. It recorded 400 trance people, 18 heart attack people (died 2 people) in the event. After the event, entrance restriction became severe and the police began to watch his live.

The best album, which contains unpublished songs. There was a rumor that the album contained 0 track, so it was called in. (Before the first track, there is no music part 16 minutes, devil's curse were listen. Actually no music was recorded. After a disturbance, revisions were sold and first press became premium item.)

His last album. It was released after his death. It contains "Sacrifice" which played at the suicide live, which became a legend.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling have transmigrated by their mother's soul power who liberated from darkness, and with "Igyo Tenshin no Jutsu". They were born as children of a family of moderate means in a certain country, and while they developed they were surrounded small happy. Their soul had power that inherited as supernatural-art users from the first. "Shao family" had that power through the ages. They awoke to the power as holy power that protect them against every disaster at night when the 16-year-old birthday. There was also mother's repayment for daughters. However, Jedah sensed this power as "a soul with value". They dreamed again at night when they awoke to the power. It was a nightmare that was shown with wave of Jedah's summon. At once, their souls transferred to "Majigen". As a matter of fact, at this moment, their body in the real world had just got to far China, where was Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling's home town and a legend land that might have died out with the fierce battle between a supernatural-art user and a inhabitant of darkness. There were no will of living things in their bodies where souls passed through. Their body was laid down in the village where there are no people's signs completely. Did the summon power of Jedah took their body to that place? They don't have the battle memory in their former incarnation. They can't understand even why they are in Majigen. But, they have strong feeling of impatience that if they didn't win a battle, they would not be able to return in the real world. Anyway, it is certain to be strange sense like watching a bad long dream.
They are the figures that are the most suitable for battles in Majigen. And they got that figures with "Igyo Tenshin no Jutsu" in the battle with Pyron. This is because their mother is lending assistance. Though they have the experience as Darkhunters, they are just ordinary girls now. She thought that they needed help of supernatural-art to live in the different world where demons live. Thanks to mother's help, they can use various arts without their consciousness. However, if sister's relationship diminished, their power would be lost immediately. It's really up to the strength of sisterly love whether their soul caught by Majigen will return admirably.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


At present, there are hardly materials written about the country of Anakaris precisely. The following show the sentence that the name of "Anakaris" could be confirmed by in the monument excavated in Egypt. You must take enough time for the judgment and must be careful for the contents hinting at the existence of a super-state, which can turn over the received wisdom of Egyptian archeology.

- Chronological table.

These are recorded things from birth of Anakaris to disappear(?). The author of these is unknown.

B.C.2669: The 11th emperor Uros was enthroned.
B.C.2664: Anakaris was born as 1st prince of Uros.
B.C.2662: The 2nd prince Eratos was born. (He died soon.)
B.C.2655: The 3rd prince Heterosos was born.
B.C.2652: Uros died (39-year-old), the 12th emperor Anakaris was enthroned (12-year-old).
B.C.2650: A gravestone (pyramid) building started in order to his restoration. All people worked to build.
B.C.2635: Heterosos died from a disease.
B.C.2634: The pyramid was completed. About 60,000,000 people had been mobilized for 16 years.
B.C.2633: Egypt was attacked by a neighbor country, Anakaris died in the battle (27-year-old). As his wish, his body was put in the chamber of restoration.
B.C.2632: A neighbor country was invading.
B.C.2630: Anakaris had restored and he refused the attack of the neighbor country.
B.C.2629: He ruled the neighbor country conversely, expanded his country. After he said "There is a voice that calls me from the future.", he disappeared mysteriously.
B.C.26XX: Whole the country disappeared with all people mysteriously.

- 9 commandments of people.
This was discovered with the above chronological table. It is thought that these are the strict disciplines assigned to people.

1: Make the holy king God.
2: Pray everyday.
3: Must not oppress elders. Must not assign labor to children.
4: Must not be afraid of your death. All lives must be solemn before the death.
5: Cleanse your home and body with holy sand at daybreak.
6: Must not debt more than earning a day. Must not fail to pay for more than 10 days.
7: Pray your health and family's and care your health.
8: Must not kill people without a crime. Murderers must deposit ones' life before the king.
9: Do three good deeds a day.
For yourself.
For other people.
For the king.

- The word of Anakaris when his enthronement.
 This was his speech of enthronement, when he was 12-year-old. It is realized that he had already had overwhelming charisma and leadership.

Ultimate and immortal.
Only and absolute.
I am the true king of this gold state shining brilliantly, Anakaris 1st.
People who kneel to me will have the right that takes equal providence under the name of God.
But, when you refuse my providence once and resist me, you have to be judged under the name of God, then you will be burned with flame of the hell.
People who look up to the heaven must be granted permanent happiness.
People who look down on the heaven must pay the price of one's foolishness by dying.
I promise rule forever and I allow that only excellent souls gather to my knee.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


Victor von Gerdenheim

His every research had humane/ethically problems. He was treated as a danger man that threatened the rights
of the council that the magnates of the academic meeting conspiracy had completed. Though it was the
epoch-making thing that medical circles were reformed, his research on "the cellular revival" was a nuisance
to the people who lose their rights by the research. He was the doctor known as a heretic from the first. The
baseless rumor said he was inhumane, publicity chaser, or addict of drugs. As a result, not only the academic
meeting but also the world looked down him with suspicion and contempt. The opportunity of the remark was
denied by force gradually by the pressure of the academic meeting.

Soon he was forgotten by society. But, he wasn't continuing the research for the fame. It is better that not
be interested by public for the pure research. He moves his laboratory to a ghost house of an old hospital in
a country town, and spends the days to stay in the underground laboratory.

The creation of the new life was the ultimate goal that charmed him. If only there was enormous electric
power with suitable material, he believed the experiment of proving his view to be possible by the research
until then. He got materials with every measure and from that he obtained various mixing goods and medicines
and he was absorbed in the preparation toward coming the day of life creation. After he moved to the ghost
house, there was no person who saw his figure for 20 years. A doctor's mind had not been sanity any longer at
this time. His desperate efforts caused a miracle.

- When was Emily made?
Before going into the real experiment, the doctor did the tests of a human body composition many times. She,
Emily was made as a prototype, which couldn't generate electricity by herself and could be activated only one
time. Several time's failures were repeated, and Emily finally activated. But she was only a marionette that
moves by the generating electricity device of the laboratory persistently. Though limbs could be moved by
amplifying electric device temporarily, she did not have that condition with 30 seconds.

However there is no change in having been the success that approached the goal of the life creation. The
doctor finds the need of a electricity generator that can generate by oneself and the body enlargement, he
began to design of Victor. It is a mystery that Emily, which was a prototype, why could move just like Victor
freely. Probably, a large quantity of electric power that charged in Victor birth was supplied to Emily as
well. It seems that she succeeded in storing constant amount of the electric power in the inside of her body
by chance.

- How to manufacture a robot
Victor is the best masterpiece Doctor Gerdenheim left. I tried to reproduce the record the doctor left, as
faithfully as possible in the cause of the process Victor was manufactured in.

1. Collecting human bodies, which become material.
As fresh as possible is desirable. To keep the body to correspond with the enormous amount of storage, it is
enlarged more than standard human body size by combining human body parts.

2. Sewing up such as frame, muscle, nerve.

3. Transplanting electrostatic property special synthetic organic fiber to nerve and muscle.
This preparation must not be missed because the necrosis cell to activated. The manufacturing process of the
synthetic fiber and its raw material are a top secret.

4. Soaking material in the special revival liquid, and waiting for 200 hours at less than -18 degrees
This work embalms perfectly the material. (The solidification point of the revival liquid is -20 degrees

5. Connecting an electrode and a pacemaker with the involuntary muscle of the heart.

6. Circulating charged liquid (= blood). As well as the revival liquid, the doctor succeeded mixing the
liquid by a miracle as a result of research. It takes several years to prepare for the one human being unity.

7. Stimulating it with high voltage current.
 This is the problem that the doctor was wedged. You must supply electric power that reaches 100 thousand KW
each 1mm second to the electrode unit more than 20mm. Only a thunderbolt was reliance for the doctor who
couldn't use large-scale facilities.

- Doctor Gerdenheim left some writings before his time.
It is very difficult to obtain these books at present.

"Prospect of reactivation of electromagnetic waves and necrosis cell"
"New boundary between life and death"
"Archen's theorem" (About spiritual electrical energy that Doctor Gerdenheim put forward.)
"Brain wave amplification phenomenon principle and application under special conditions"
"Future of resuscitationology"
"Uncut text Lugendolph Report 1, 2" (Articles of Doctor Lugendolph who is authority on organic cell
He applied oneself to do the experiment record of the target (=Victor) latter days of his life. He had
already been insanity so his alphabet was very hard to make out, and the chemical formula, which a mysterious
sign was partly used for, was spelled with bumper-to-bumper. The legacy of the doctor who accomplished a
great success of the creation of the life remains unclear.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)

Jon Talbain

Croits family is one of Makai seven noble families. Though its title is a noble, but it is a group of fighters. Present master Zel is a wyvern and is 5m tall so he has the most unique appearance of noble classes. Also his followers, who are Makai Beasts, have a little or much different appearance from human type. But there isn't meanness and roughness. They have apparent barbarism but are first-class fighters who are well educated and took training of fighting. They are an organized group who follow order in strict discipline. They are fiercely loyal to order of master and have graceful attitude, which is to kill oneself to expiate one's failure or betrayal. They are dreaded as "bullet in Makai", even though they are a few.
Because, they has a powerful suicide attack.

Baraba Croits
Baraba titled "wolf lord" was a fighter of war wolves and was guardsmen's' boss of Croits family. His eyes looked a man's who survived life-or-death crises. He had wandered about the human world once by an event for 20 year. He forgot almost memory of at that time, but slightly remembered a woman who cared for him when he was injured and was collapsed.

He bravely played an active role as a fighter of Croits family since came back to Makai.
Demitri said "He is my best rival on my life." Demitri felt a kind of esthetics or philosophy of fight in Baraba's fighting. It was like a kind unwashed men couldn't have. But, after a several ten years when Baraba returned to Makai, he disappeared all at once. Present master Zel had vassals searched for Baraba in vain for a few years. By the grapevine, Baraba returned to the human world and met again the woman and got married. Needless to say, no one got into the truth of matter.

Jon's mother died just after bore him. As for his father, he can't find out even his father's back-story. When he found he was Darkstalkers (Werewolf), he didn't hate his folks. His folks were conceptual being for him because he was alone from his earliest recollections. In order to maintain human mind, he cursed at his intangible fate. He didn't have strong mind as strong as to accept the whole and to give free rein to his desires. He followed inner voice and devoted himself to fighting and attaining the ultimate in limits of his ability. It may be his pride as a human against his madness.

As a result of the battle against Pyron, he crushed a curse and regain the shape of a human being but he learned that it is a product of his temporary illusion. After all, it is impossible to clean up one's real nature. His will couldn't change the future. This time, he will confront with a lurk that is the real nature of him in battle of Majigen. Fate that battle caused. In order to escape from a curse, a path he sought to the limits of his ability. He has no choice but to hold on his way even if there is irreversible consequence in the future.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


Catwoman race existence, sub specific mankind, was shocking for the human being. However, a big panic wasn't necessarily caused soon. It fortunately did that their figure wasn't plainly far from human being and there were many lovely people of the race and their appearance was fancy to ease a feeling of refusal. The eyes that turned to them seemed not awe toward "monsters not human being" but interest in "rare animals". Growing public opinions was that their existence should be recognized and respected in America, and they acquired fundamental human rights soon. But prejudice didn't necessarily disappear completely. It was reluctant to admit that the musical that give Felicia the leading role featured as "a show". The audience who saw that musical was purely fascinated at one time by both lovely singing voice and sparkly dance of Felicia, and whether she was a human being made no difference. Happy heart of Felicia might be effect to cleanse the dark part human being has.

- The companions of Felicia.
 Felicia left a town after the death of her foster parent sister Rose, and wandered America. She met other Catwoman in there. Their characteristics, which were common to them, are "They are living as a human being." In order to live, they were hiding birth and passing themselves off as a human being as much as possible. Let's introduce the friends, who rush in a crunch of Felicia, in the following.

Pico: Child (1). Braid, child-woman. At the time of Please Help Me.
14 years old (in the human being age, 7 years old). Born in Minnesota. She was in orphan house, she saw the stage of Felicia, and she became following Felicia. It was proved that she is Catwoman after. She is full of curiosity, and fears nothing.

Alto: Child (2). She follows at the time of Ribbon or Dark Force.
20 years old (10 years old). Birth isn't clear. She escaped from a mansion though she was kept as a rare pet of a certain rich man. She was living in a mountain, like a beast then protected by Grace (mentioning later). She is shy and afraid of strangers. Alto is named by Grace (From the voice quality?).

Nana, Mimi: Child (3), (4). At the time of Ribbon or Please Help Me.
22 years old (11 years old). Born in Saitama Japan and bred in Hong Kong. She was taken to Japan by an illicit trade ship when she was suckling. She was raised under an understanding old-married couple. She's easygoing.

Nonno: Child (5). Alias Tama. At the time of Please Help Me or a new victory pose.
A friend of Nana. They got acquainted in a mountain behind in neighborhood. Her age and background isn't clear. She seems to like to hide in the ball and to play.

Grace: Adult (1). Ponytail.
48 years old (24 years old). Born in the State of Utah. The protector of Alto. She is excellent in the ability that turns herself into the human being, and she can be being with person figure for the longest time. The substitute mother of Alto. She takes care well.

Lucy: Adult (2). Bandanna.
36 years old (18 years old). Born in Virginia. She worked under a strolling player troupe. When a friend died, who was the same generation and few understanding person of human beings, she leaves the troupe. While wandering, she met Felicia. Cynical and cynic. A little discredit human being. Physical strength is the strongest in the companions.

Maybe other several 100 Catwomans are in the whole world at present. They might see Felicia's' activity and be encouraged certainly.

- The ecology and the life environment.
After they are born as the same ordinary human-being figure, a change appears in the body hair, ear, tail and so on at the time of about 4-10 years old, then it is found out that they are Catwoman.
Though there is a difference in individual them, they have " transformation ability", or mimic ability hiding limbs or tail to avoid attention. Sense of smell ability is several thousand times of the human being. They can recognize a companion by the smell instinctively. They don't like the sunshine. They mainly act at night.

- About the sex, the reproduction.
There is no man in Catwoman race as its name suggests. There are Catwomans that married a human man though, the child is a just ordinary human being. They can't leave descendants of the same seed at present. There might be a reason why the existence of man (Catman?) of this race isn't probably suitable for the human world.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


When Rikuo managed a kingdom, there were 30,000 people. When Pyron invaded the earth, an underground lake collapsed because of an eruption of an underground volcano and most of the people were swallowed up to a dark abyss for a moment.

Now, there are three people of merman race (and mermaid race). One of them is Rikuo, his wife Aqueria, and his son Alba. Besides, there are 12 eggs, which will hatch at once.

In order to reconstruct the kingdom, they moved their home a sea, which is fresh ground for them. Rikuo's present job was to search his mates. It is possible his mate exist in somewhere. Since his mates were thrown to this vast sea, they may be calling for help.

Now, Rikuo and others are living in an about 150m deep crack, which is opening a vast continental shelf.
There isn't either an ocean current or foreign enemies so that the geographical features are convenient to defend eggs. Rikuo searches a radius of 200km from there for mates. There is quite a deep oceanic trench and a fast ocean current around here. If Rikuo fell into the oceanic trench, he couldn't swim against the ocean current. And, he can't search sea deeper than 1000m.

It was extraordinary work but Rikuo believed existence of mates. This is why he had perceived reaction of a little life that seemed the same family since they moved their home this sea.

The more a limit he searched day by day, the little time he and his family had. Alba disappeared while he was not at home for a long time.
"Can a man who can't ensure his family defend the kingdom?"
I always reconstruct the kingdom eagerly and am losing sight of precious things...
Rikuo is driven a lot of reflection and self-discipline.

What is Battle in Majigen going to bring to his mind?

Encounter his wife Aqueria

Aqueria is an ordinary girl of mermaid race. Before the eruption, she was swimming on the outskirts of the kingdom by chance and was swallowed up by the eruption of the underground volcano. When she came to, she was alone and was thrown out to the ground, which is fresh ground for her. She was in a dense forest of Amazon. She couldn't find how to go home so that she looked about for a watering place anyway. After a half day, she found a fresh water lake, which looked a pool, and settled at last. (Rikuo visited the lake often.)
She had waited for a few days but her mates didn't come to save her. She made up her mind and discovered the entrance to a vein of underground water that was connected the bottom of the lake and she went home.

After that, she looked at a cruel mark of the kingdom, which was swallowed up to a big dark abyss. She intuitively understand losing her mates, she dropped on to her knees with no word. Nevertheless, she had still hoped. She quite trusted King Rikuo especially. She believed as he had escaped the disaster, he was surviving in somewhere and he would come to save me. Aqueria believing was fulfilled, after a half year, the girl and the king met again. That was a sign of new love and was the moment a new kingdom began.

About a organizational structure of the kingdom

Rikuo's country is different a little from monarchic government. There isn't a general idea of the Royal family. The king's predecessor nominates next king and abdicates the throne with obtaining people's consent. Peoples are ranked with an ability, they are united strongly and keeping a relationship of mutual trust. Being ranked with an ability don't mean a social position but sharing in work that they're good.
One caters for people, one defends one's mates against its enemies, one creates habitats, or one cares for one's children. In various work, caring for one's children is important male's work. (By the way, caring for female children is female's work.)

Plainly speaking, transformation ability indicates people's strength intelligibly. It is important subject for those who is caring for whose children that teaching the ability. The transformation ability isn't to change of appearance, but must catch on an ability of something one transformed.

A man excelling especially in this skill wins everyone's esteem.
Above all, Rikuo could accomplish the highest-level job.

He is the best teacher for his son Alba.

Their reproduction

They have reproductive periods, which is called oviposition periods. Those periods correspond from 16 to 22 year old in human age. They bear eggs two times in a year and bear from 10 to 20 eggs generally.
As a rule, a couple has borne from 60 to 120 eggs for life. Although, 10 percent of the eggs can hatch.
From 0.2 to 0.5 percent of the eggs can be going to grow adult. Because there aren't powerful enemies, the birth rate might decrease more and more every year. Also, the underground lake they lived in was fresh water one hundred years ago, but seawater had entered for last several 10 year and salt concentration increased. This is why Rikuo and others can't resist to seawater and might be factor for decreasing of the birth rate.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


- The village of Bigfoot.
The village of Bigfoot is in a certain basin on the Rocky Mountains, Canada. It is surrounded by some sheer precipices. There is a big fresh-water lake on the downside. The lake's surface is covered with thick ice field. From there, Bigfoot catches and eats fish and shells as their principal food.
Head count is about 100. They may be like a big family more than a tribe by their sense. It is very cold at about 30 degrees below zero, and snowstorms blow beyond 20m per second hard and strong around the crevasse that is the entrance of the village. It is not a place where a human being can come in easily. Even if he/she reached their village by chance, if their feelings are hurt, it would be difficult to return safely.

- The incredible developed communication network.
Makai Mail, Makai-Earless-Seal race serves, has an original network. It is Bigfoot's information source and it prove cultural or modern standard of living. (While Sasquatch went on the expedition, they could exchange latest news about their self by "Stone Mail".) Since its delivery area covers the whole earth, it can send mails to the South Pole or the North Pole in four days. They are probably thanks to Makai beast, Mach-Crab race (helmet crab when Rikuo appear).

- Interchange between Bigfoot race and human being.
They are not a belligerent race. They are rather friendly toward a different race as long as you have manners. They show human being friendship with diplomacy if you treat them as "friends" not "barbarous fierce animals" or "rare beasts for a show". "Human sincerity" means "bananas" or other "delicious food" for Bigfoot. The food is essential to keep good relations.

- Interchange with a lot of Makai living things.
The penguins that appear in Dark Force are Snowslide Penguin. They are companions living in Bigfoot's village. They heard the story of missing villagers, and they are cooperating with Sasquatch. It can't help crying by impression in their desperate attack.
Snowman belong Snowman race, which is a kind of Makai living things. They are friends of Sasquatch too. They have an ability that makes it snow or makes temperature down. To back up, they are following Sasquatch to Majigen. (In fact, to applause.)
A new comer, Snow-Beast race (the sled dog that appears at Big Sled), which is a kind of Makai living things, is very shy. They are friendly to Bigfoot race, but they don't come around much. Though, when it is urgency, they rush quickly, and pull Sasquatch powerfully. They are a dependable supporter.
The Makai Beast who is Sasquatch's friend for many years is Makai Small Whale. A blow of his huge tail is powerful as before. There have been interchanges since the elder Tundra was young. It feels like his excellent support is expert's technology.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


- An accursed armor, Hannya
It is a Makai beast to be the same as Le Malta and came into the human world about 600 years ago. A military
chieftain, Oda Nobunaga wore the armor (Its outfit was different from now's). It gives a person who is
wearing it unusual abilities but then it changes the person to a murder who wants much blood. It moistens
with bounced blood. On the other hand, the person is robbed his/her vitality. After war-torn age subsiding,
it was handed down to antiquarians and high rollers then invited all owners to a horror story.

- The blood-sucking Youtou, Kien
In 1580s, a blade smith of a certain country made a celebrated sword, "Onikiri". Generally, a sword is
damaged with human beings' fat and blood it cut. But "Onikiri" became more and more sharp, maybe thanks to
its subtle wavy incurves. It was scared as a diabolic sword because it fostered illusions of clinching body in
men's mind. It was handed as a tradition that if the owner hadn't killed man a day, he would have died.
After civil war period, the trace of the sword was lost. 10 years after, it came back to a collector as a
set with "Hannya". It had already been affected by miasma of Makai and changed its chiseled name to "Kien".
The cause is unknown.

- Meeting with Bishamon
When Bishamon looked at an armor and sword in the secondhand shop he knew, he felt someone's strong awe,
lost consciousness for a time. When coming to, he was in home. There was an armor and sword by him.
From what he confirmed, he aggressively made the master of the shop give these stuff me and went away with
it by force. He didn't remember doing that. It was not clear to him, but he felt it was meaningless to
thought about that reason while looking at the armor in front of him. He had been married to Orin. Since he
had been sitting in front of armor for days, she recommended he should give up it, but he didn't listen.
After two weeks, he threw off her do-or-die inhibitions and he wore the armor. At the moment, he came to his
senses and took a hint of going with the wind anymore. Then he screamed that with his last ounce of

"Get away, get away, Orin!"

After that, he disappeared with the armor. Also his wife, Orin disappeared and it was not clear if she's
living or not.

- After he separated from Hannya
 After the battle with Pyron, Bishamon could escape from spellbinding of the armor for a while. To make up
for his crime, he went into religion with wife Orin, and became a penance priest. The penance he did is
called "Roppoudou", a kind of Syugendou. The existence of devils was known as "living things who made harm
in the person's world" even in Japan in those days. The penance to have the supernatural power which match
the power of darkness for a human being, is "Roppoudou". There is effect to bring stability of the mind to a
human being in this penance. Also various worldly desires in oneself were purified and one's soul cleaned in
this penance, Bishamon rather looked for that effect. The penance with traveling the whole country brought
composure to his heart gradually.

After several years, he found the book written about the different world of "Makai" when he dropped in at a
certain old temple. To his surprise, it was drawn in the book that the armor, "Hannya", Youtou "Kien" and
other specters wandering in hell. Bishamon thought about that should I give free rein to them just like
this. A careless person would appear again, like him. He thought that he couldn't making up for his crime,
but may be able to prevent repeating the same tragedy. What will I be afraid of, since I was obsessed by
devilism once? Bishamon start secluding himself in a deep snow mountain to attempt contact with "Makai". He
did religious meditation and tin stick to defeat devils was placed on his knee, and he prayed. When his
spiritual strength reached to its limit, could looked over the far different world with the eyes of his
heart. "Wait, Hannya...I will purify your evil with this holy power!"

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)


A certain country in South America.It was the country which didn't bear a civil war.It was destroyed with the bullet, and the remains of the ancient civilization which prospered long ago became the mountains of the soil.One boy got into the back of the remains.He lost a friend by the flames of war with the house and the parents.As for him, there was no place to go besides.The inside of darkness found the doll of soil that he is strange and to shine, and it was approached.At that time, the surroundings of them were wrapped in the flash.The hatred of the quarrel connected remains with another world.
"Please give me a command,my master....."
The ultimate guardian Huitzil started to protect the boy for who to be a new master.

(This was translated by Aki Mizusawa.)


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