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This is the site for DS fans made by Aki Mizusawa and Kazika Kurosawa.
All the information are NOT the official of Capcom, please keep in mind!
What I want to do on this site is as following

To send the newest information and rumours about DS to oversears.

To introduce your English fanfictions to Japanese

To introduce and show the images of Japanese costume players.

To introduce your costume plays to Japanese. (Sincerely, we're all welcome! We really want to see Regina,Jill& Chris in your country!! In addittion, Japanese players may tell you how to make your costumes better if you like to know! )

To introduce your fanarts. Off course, I'll post our (Japanese) fanarts, too.

Many understandings and cooperation will be nevessary. All fanartists, fanfictionists, costume-players and DS webmasters are welcome!
Especially, I'm looking for voluntary people who help my translation. Please be my good adviser!


Q Can I get official image on Japanese Darkstalkers site ?

A No,you can not. Plese read Capcom of Japan's policy.English Here

Q Can I get Japanese Darstalker's goods?

A Please go ebay. I sell it at net auction only. Good luck! My Japanese auction.

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