Donovan Baine

At that moment, the heavy cloud passed, and the pale, shining moon appeared.
I saw the exit of the forest. I looked up at the sky from a small clearing. An uncanny silhouette rose up to the night sky, veiled in the mist. This is the old castle with the legend that a vampire lives.....This will be the stage of my hunt tonight.

I always remember that time before the hunt.
The event of that day when the dark blood sleeping in me awakened.

I was a child, frightened in my mother's arms.
Strange adults surrounded us, and they shouted,
"Bad things happened only after you came to this town!"
"Go away,demons!"
And one of them struck my mother.
The blood of my mother that flew about covered my eyes..
At that moment, my consciousness broke off.
When I regained awareness, I was there together with many dead bodies.
My mother was also lying and covered with her blood.

I grieved and cursed my darkblood.

Although more than ten years of my life had been devoted to Buddhism, my distress has never been eased.
I am a darkhalf.
I realized that my blood is the source of unmitigated evil.
Either my tainted hands that smeared their blood will shatter my cursed fate, or my soul shall be corrupted completely...
My hatred, formed out of despair, is resolved against them.
Several years passed. I don't remember how many times their blood was spilled.
That justified crime was made to cleanse my soul, and it is black baptism by my fate.
But I am determined.
I have no regrets. Even if my body is violated in the demon's assault.
I reached a gate of ancient castle at last.
It was surrounded with an evil aura. But I didn't hesitate.
The path I thread is always cursed.
I opened the door quietly and slowly.

My name is Donovan, Dark Hunter.
I'll bring ruin to all of them!
(This story was translated by Psycho Power J and Aki Mizusawa.)


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Katokiti and Aki Mizusawa

12.12. 2000