NightWarriors DarkStalker's Revenge

Oliginal title: Vampire hunter

Official story

Chinese Ghost Hsien-Ko

Their mother sarificed herself in order to save the people of her village from the Darkstalkers. Now her soul is trapped in the darkness in permanent suffering. To save her soul, her two daughters unite their bodies into a ghost and enter the battle with the unknown.

Killer Machine Huizil

Huizil appeard from out of some ancient ruins in Mexiko at the same time as Pyron's assault. With a body that is completely clad in some mysterious metal, he is the superme guardian of the ancient Maya culture. He has been programed with only one command....the complete destrnction of all life other than the Mayas.


Official pages in Japanese

Vampire hunter (arcade) Vampire hunter (Sega saturn)

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