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Oliginal title: Vampire saivor -The Lord of Vampire-

Official story


Jedah was resurrected in the barren outskirts of Makai. He foresaw into the future world which was on the verge of destruction. "It is foolish and meaningless to fight and plunder each other. No one can save this world except me," he grumbles. In order to save all forms of life, the souls need to be united to become one, for only then will the world be without conflict. Jedah needed a strong container to store all the souls. He comes up with an idea of collecting only the most valuable ones and then uniting himself with them to create a container large and safe enough to hold all the other souls. With benevolence in mind, Jedah creates a black void container called Majigen and begins his quest. "Join with my soul if you desire peace and tranquillity for all time!"


Felicia's dreams of becoming a musical star has finally come true. She is satisfied with her new life where she is able to sing, dance, and spend time in front of an affectionate audience. However, she is still unable to forget all the lonely people in the world since she used to be just like them. "How can we all be happy?" One day, her nine souls were summoned to the Devil dimension by some powerful being's force. Felicia is totally disoriented at first but then realizes what she must do. She remembers what her mother had told her about selecting the way to happiness on her own.


In the light of a full moon, Talbain trembles with increasing fear as he feels the existence of a vicious animal throughout his body. Although he thought that the lycanthrope was out of his body, he feels a driving force taking over his body. He now has nightmares, contorted vision, and discovers that his shadow has taken the form of a beast. Unexpectedly, an unknown voice sends him an invitation from the netherworld. He tries to reason for a second but the burning of his blood would not allow him to avoid his violent destiny.


A few months have passed since Emily, Victor's innocent sister, has stopped functioning. Both he and she were golems, created by the doctor's deft hands. Victor puts her in a chair, waiting for a stormy day that would bring her back like it did for him when he was first made. One night, the stranger Jedah in Makai spoke to him using telepathy. "Every soul must return to one...". With his loosely attached brain, Victor thinks that the message must have something to do with resurrection. He shambles off to Majigen believing that Emily would come alive again.


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