By Nikki-chan

Her opponent, Lilith, plunged tothe cold earth in a bleeding mass of flesh.
The copy looked upon the carcassand felt a small twinge of pride at what she did.

And then she felt it, a sort oftugging sensation on her back.
Thoughts raced through her head atan alarming rate of how she desperately wanted to keep the body she wasin. She just wanted to have a body ofher own.

But she never could.
IT wouldnft let her.

The jerking feeling became morepowerful and suddenly, an unknown force was slowly lifting her out of thecorpse by the cord attached to her neck and back, hands and feet.

First, her head immerged. A light blue court-jesterfs hat sat upongolden tuffs of hair that stuck out in all directions.
In fact, her entire outfit wasthat of a jesterfs.
As the rest of her porcelain bodyfollowed, she felt the life she had owned slipping away. Using the last of her strength, she defiedthe wires and turned her glass eyes downwards to catch one last glimpse of abody that had been hers only for a minute or two.

Her feet slid out of its chest,and Marionettefs ceramic eyelids snapped shut at she became lifeless once more.