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Voshtahl Files- Chapter 3
Galnan's Legacy

by Lord Voshtahl

The area hadn't been used for years, and it was very clear. As Lilith moved through it, she left a trail of foot prints behind her in the dust. The bee girl hovered above the area, leaving no foot prints. However, by following the path one could easily pick out that once Lilith realized she was leaving footprints she decided to have some fun and hopped around leaving them in patterns and even drawing pictures and words with her feet.

The path led into a large building that was probably at one time a castle that was collapsed and then abandoned a couple hundred years ago. It led through the crumbled passages, some rooms one could see were still quite habitable within this old castle and others were cut off by big rocks. The path led down into the deeper regions of the castle. It continued on down several steps until stopping at a large room that looked like some kind of ceremonial chamber.

It was there that the two girls stood before a large glowing portal. Lilith reached out and touched it, feeling that it was quite solid she then rested her weight against it. "I can see through it..." she told her friend, "But I can't move through it..."

Q.B gave several nods before buzzing out, "You need to talk to the guardian!” she exclaimed pointing towards a face upon the nearby wall that Lilith had not yet noticed, “I am sure he can open it for us!"

Lilith blinked a bit as if confused before giving a bright smile and moving over to the wall and leaning down to look at the face upon the wall. “Hello? Hello?”

The face on the wall suddenly lit up with a bright red light, “Who is there?” it demanded simply.
Lilith took several steps back, bringing a hand up to her chest as she gasped. She took a glance back towards Q.Bee for support before turning her attention back towards the face, “My name is Lilith…”
Q.Bee leaned over and whispered softly, “Your last name too!”

Lilith nodded before correcting herself, “I am Lilith Aensland!”

“Aensland?” the guardian questioned. A bright light shot out of the face and engulfed Lilith’s body for a moment before fading, “So you are. Welcome, Miss Aensland.”

With that the forcefield dropped and the red light upon the guardian’s face faded. The magic guarding the area disappeared. A large smile appeared on Lilith’s face as she exclaimed, “Jedah is going to be SO proud of us when we come back!”

Q.B. lifted her hands, motioning into the cave. "Go on..." she assured the other girl, "Go find the weapon that Jedah asked for! I'll catch up in a moment..."

Lilith frowned a little at this, definitely certain that Q.Bee was acting quite unlike herself. She brought a hand up and rubbed the side of her head softly, “But what if I need help carrying it?”

Q.Bee gave a bright smile before exclaiming, “I told you that I’d catch up in a moment! I’ll help you carry it out, don’t worry.”

The succubus smiled back and giving a quick nod then taking to the air and began flying down into the depths of the cave.

However, as Lilith ran left a sudden change came over Q.Bee. Her form shifted, a wind-up key appeared on her back, her body changed until she became a French girl with long, blonde curly hair, a blue ballerina outfit and a harlequin hat. "I did it!!" she exclaimed happily in a voice with a heavy French accent to no one in particular. Azriel appeared out of the shadows against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. A wicked smile spread across his lips as he stated quietly, “Good, now lets get rid of that girl and take Grandfather’s legacy.”

The French girl bowed before the giant being, repeating again a bit more formally, "I have done as you asked, my lord." She then looked up before giving a smile, "Now, what kind of woman do you think he'd enjoy, my lord? An aggressive, loving one? A shy, sweet one?" She stood up and looked herself over before adding, "Merely tell me and I shall become it..."

Azriel didn’t give any more answer than a sharp glare. He slowly headed off into the cave in the footsteps of the little succubus. The French girl looked up confused before kicking up her heels and following the large horned green man.

The French girl frowned before sighing, "I zuppose we'll talk later..." Meanwhile Lilith was venturing deep into a long cavernous hallway. The light came mostly from up front. It was deep red and seemed to carry with it an energy that made chills go up her spine. She began creeping very quietly; having a couple second thoughts on approaching whatever may lie ahead. When the hallway finally split out she peeked around the corner into a circular room.

The walls were lined with demonic runes and the red energy was pouring from a pillar up at the top of the ceiling. She could hear a faint voice in her head even from this distance. It actually sounded comforting though, but she couldn't make out what it was saying. Feeling a bit more comfortable she stepped into the room. Only then did she realize what she thought was a wall at first was actually a raised platform about ten feet high. It wasn't too large around, only about eight feet long in any direction. But the little succubus could hardly tell that from her place on the ground.. She skipped around it, peeking over one side and then the other. She went around it three times, each time a bit slower. After the third time she stopped and looked back at the door she came from.

"There's nothing here..." she spoke softly, blinking in confusion. She stared up at the light thinking that perhaps the powerful wish-granting being might be up there. She spread her wings and batted them rising up towards the light. But as she neared it, it turned white and then the circle closed shining only faint slivers through. She stopped and laid her arms on the platform with a sigh.

But before she could think much about how she was going to get into whatever was up there now, what was not before her caught her attention. A head was before her with a golden face and a long pointed nose. It looked very hard, like metal. She squeeled and then ducked back down behind the platform. A couple seconds later she peered up a bit and took a better look.

What had caught her eye was just a mask, and it only covered the top half of this person's face. The lower part of the face looked like normal soft skin, except it was emerald green. The top of the head was covered in a black fedora, but she could see its wild purple hair falling out in strands from it. Her eyes moved slowly down and she looked over the rest of him. It was definitely a boy, not much bigger than her at all. He was probably in his early or mid teens too. Lean and short, he seemed perfectly normal other than being green with purple hair.

A bright smile spread across Lilith's face. This wasn’t a weapon like Jedah had asked for, but in a way to her this was even better. She placed the mask back onto his face. She then chimed bright, "Wake uuuuuup!!" and waited... and waited... and waited. After about a minute and a half her face fell. She disappeared in a pink puff of smoke before appearing on the other side of the platform standing on the ceiling with one finger placed on her chin thoughtfully.

"Heeey, I said wake up, why won't you listen?!" she exclaimed with a bit of playful anger. Still, there was no response and she crossed her arms with a pout before disappearing in another pink puff of smoke. This time she appeared above his head holding a pink bat-looking alarm clock with two bells on the top of its wings. She raised it to the strange boy's ear as it rang loudly. She moved her head from one side to the other as she chanted, "Rise and shine, its time to get uuuuuup!"

But still, she got no response. She lifted her hand and the alarm clock dropped down. A pink bat appeared out of no where and caught the alarm clock. She then hopped up onto the platform and began jumping up and down next to the boy shouting over and over again, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!" after the fourth jump she dropped to her knees and placed her finger on her chin again. She stared at him for a moment before saying softly, "Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. Maybe it’s like a fairy tale and you need a princess to kiss you to wake you up."

Well, she wasn't technically a princess any more than she was Morrigan's real sister. But still, she was quite willing to give it a shot. She hopped onto him, straddling over his stomach before grabbing him and lifting him by the collar.She had to tilt her head to the side to get out of the way of the long nose on the mask. She then planted a big, long kiss on his lips, "Mmmmmmmmm-mAAAA"

Though as soon as she lifted back up, the eyes in the holes on the mask blinked open. They were pupils and glowed bright red just like the light that was in the room before. They blinked several times at her as she let him back down. She smiled happily that he was awake now. Apparently she was enough of a princess to break that sleeping spell. "B.." the green lips began to speak and Lilith stared intently to see what kind of wisdom this powerful being might bestow on her. "Beautiful..." it finished speaking staring right into her eyes.

Lilith placed her hands to the side of her face as she felt the blush creep all the way up it. Her whole face was bright red before she dropped to the side.... and right off the side of the platform. The green boy sat up as he heard the resulting sounds. *BANG!!* "owie...." was moaned in Lilith's soft voice. The green boy crept over to the side and glanced over with concern.

“Moshi-moshi?” he called out as he stared over the edge of the platform, but he could not see anyone below. He stared down for a moment before lifting back up blinking.

“So what’s your name?” came the girl’s voice behind him. He turned around quickly to find himself staring right into her face, not more than an inch or two away from her.

“My name is Gosaku,” the boy answered without a moment pause and then bowed his head about as much as he could before stating, “I am very pleased to meet you. What is your name?”

She gave a impish grin as he moved closer and spoke in a soft voice, “I am Lilith Aensland. I was sent here by Jedah to go get a weapon. Do you know where it is?”

Gosaku looked around for a moment before rising up to his feet. He stared straight up with the red light was continuing to pour down from above and into the pedestal he now stood upon. “There isn’t a weapon here, this is an energy collection chamber. The energy comes from Earth through there and it then goes to the Voshtahl castle.”

Lilith looked up before smiling happily, “I thought this light felt good!” she exclaimed. She stretched out upon the pedestal and a bat flew down to put a pair of sunglasses on her face. She stretched out sighing, “I need the recharge!”

Gosaku looked down before nodding slowly. He placed a finger upon his lips and began looking around the pedestal with a frown on his face. “Where is Grandpa? He’s supposed to be here.”
Lilith sat up before frowning, “This place was sealed so that only an Aensland could get in I think.”
But as soon as she said that statement she was grabbed from behind by a large green hand and dragged off the pedestal. She was turned around to find herself looking into an older green face with the same glowing red eyes as those of Gosaku. “And you’ve done quite well, little one. I’d suggest you’d leave now.”

Lilith let out a squeal as she was dropped to the ground. She looked up with a pout, “You are Galnan, ne? I’m gonna tell on you!”

Gosaku stared silently for a moment before walking over to the side of the pedestal before looking towards Azriel for a moment. He then raises a hand and waggled a finger towards him, “Oniisan, you shouldn’t pick on little girls. It isn’t gentlemanly.”

Azriel narrowed his eyes for a moment before hissing quietly, “You are alive then… And Belial refused to release you.” He turned his attention down towards the fallen succubus before shouting towards her, “If you don’t leave right now, I’ll leave you stranded in here for the next couple centuries.”

Lilith flew up into the air looking back towards Gosaku for help. However one glance told her that he wasn’t going to stand up to his brother for her sake. She put her hands on her hips and scowled at Azriel, “You are a bully! I’m gonna tell Jedah and you are going to be in trouble!”

Azriel simply let out a low chuckle as he saw the girl fly off towards the entrance of the cave. “That is exactly what I was hoping for,” he stated after she was out of earshot. He then turned to look towards his dumbfounded little brother, “Let’s get you home.”

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