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Voshtahl Files- Chapter 5

by Lord Voshtahl

The Voshtahl throne room appeared almost like a who’s who of Makkai. All the most powerful minor clan lords and ladies were gathered together, not a one had turned down the invitation from Galnan II himself. They’d organized themselves along the walls, many glaring across the room at each other. Makkai itself was a powder keg, inviting all its lords together like this was almost threatening trouble.

However, as Galnan II stared down the room, all those gathered spoke in quiet murmurs only. Those gathered within controlled nearly all the demon world. All had different ideas about where true power lied, what the role of a demon in life should be and different goals and ambitions. Only one thing could bring this group of people together, and that thing was fear. Fear of their power diminishing, fear of their resources being sapped and most of all fear of the death that Jedah Doma represented.

All wondered what the plan of Lord Voshtahl might be, what his answer to this threat. However, Azriel’s attention was currently undivided upon the lord of Gilia for the moment. The De Lepe family had taken the Voshtahl’s role of protecting Gilia, the gate between the human world and the demon world, shortly after Galnan II took his throne. Belial stripped the Voshtahl of the honor after the death of Galnan I, turning it over to the Gilias. While this could have triggered a feud in most cases, the Gilia family had taken on a role of acting more as a servant to Galnan II instead of as an independent lord.

“Lord De Lepe,” he spoke in a quiet voice to the man bowed by his side, “Has there been any reports from the gate, has Jedah made his move for it yet?”

Persimmon De Lepe shook his head slowly before answering, “We’ve seen less of the Doma forces gathered around the gate than we normally see.”

Azirel nodded his head, a frown forming on his face, “Then he’s preparing… If he intends to absorb all the souls on Earth he’ll need to get through the gate.”

Lord Dep Lepe nodded slowly before questioning, “I don’t believe that is so, we often find many unstable cracks that lead to the human world. Ozom’s castle recently came through such a crack.”
Azriel frowned at hearing this, “Then Jedah can open gates by himself. I am certain Ozom was killed for his betrayal of Jedah. This means Jedah can escape without going through Gilia. However, even if he could pull a castle in I doubt he could lead his army out through one of these portals.”

Lord De Lepe nodded his head lightly at this before questioning, “What shall we do about it? Close the gate off to be certain that none of his forces make their way through it?”

Azriel shook his head slowly, “No, I want you to open the gate wide up.”

De Lepe’s eyes widened a bit, surprised to hear this suggestion, “You want us to simply let his forces invade Earth? There’d be no stopping him if that should happen.”

A hand rose to Azriel’s chin and he rubbed it a bit as he spoke quietly, “Not to let his forces out, I want you to let all the Darkstalkers from Earth in…”

A wide grin slowly formed across De Lepe’s face, “More darkstalkers for Jedah to deal with…”
Azriel nodded his head in agreement, “And more allies for us. Whether Jedah is gathering for an attack on the gate or intends to simply conquer the demon world first, the more allies we have against him the better our position.”

Meanwhile, Gosaku was busy mingling in. This was the first time he’d been exposed to so many demons at once and he was taking the opportunity to meet those he could.

“Your name is Miss Gilman?” he questioned a middle-aged demoness in a flowing gown.
“I am Sierra Do Gilman, little one, that’s right,” she replied to him with a smile. She waved a fan against her face, cooling herself from the heat in the room.

“I read your books!” exclaimed the little demon proudly, kicking his legs back and forth in his chair.
Lady Gilman laughed a musical laugh before saying, “My dear, I’ve written over 200 books.”
Gosaku nodded his head several times before stating, “I read a lot of them this afternoon. I think I still have fifty or so to read.”

Though she might have questioned his statement, the fact that he made the statement so abruptly and abashedly made her wonder if she should question whether he was lying or not. Instead she questioned, “Would you like me to sign some?” with a shaken smile.

Gosaku narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look up at the ceiling. After a moment he turned his head to look back towards the woman and held his fingers up in a victory sign, “No need, they are all signed already!”

Lady Gilman blinked several times before questioning softly, “All of them?” this was even harder to believe than his previous statement. She didn’t sign very many copies of her books.

“Of course they were all signed,” laughed a voice from behind Lady Gilman. It was Greorio Hartland, looking as sharp as ever. By his side was Majeena, his ever-vigilant personal assistant, “This is Lord Voshtahl’s brother. I know you’ve signed everything you could of his.”

Lady Gilman raised a hand to her chest with a light gasp before looking closely at the little demon who’s approached her, “Are you really Azriel’s little brother?”

Gosaku nodded his head quickly at this, though didn’t answer verbally. Instead he began looking at Majeena and Gregorio curiously. Neither was terribly covered up unlike most of the others in the room.

Lady Gilman reaches a hand down and pinched Gosaku’s cheek as she cooed, “Well, I should have guessed… such a little cutie, just like your brother.”

Gregorio laughed loudly at this before stating, “I don’t think many would agree with you on that, Miss Gilman. Green skin isn’t exactly a sought after trait.”

Gosaku stepped back cautiously and reached up and rubbed his cheek slowly before looking towards Gregorio questioningly, “Its not?”

Gregorio let out another loud laugh before adding, “And you are so small and thin, have you even looked in a mirror? I don’t think any woman would really be interested in you as you are now.”
Miss Gilman turned about and swatted Gregorio, scolding him, “Behave Gregorio!”

Before Gosaku could make a response, he was suddenly grabbed from behind and nearly pulled to the ground. He jumped up, instinctively trying to escape the grasp. He was too frightened by the sudden attack to even yell. He turned his gaze down to look at the arms that had suddenly made their way around him, each covered in a blue sleeve with a frilly white end.

“I think he’s very handsome!” called a female voice by Gosaku’s ear defensively, “Maybe you just can’t see him through a demoness’ eyes!”

Gosaku turned his head around to find himself staring into a pair of beaming red eyes from behind pink bangs. He recognized the girl almost immediately; it was the one he met when he first woke up. Still, he couldn’t understand why she was trying to choke him out.

Gregorio narrowed his gaze a bit as he looked towards the rather loud girl. “What do we have here? A little Morrigan fan?”

Lilith released Gosaku who fell down to the floor. She put her hands on her hips and leaned forward with a pout, “I am not a fan of Morrigan! She stole my body!”

Gregorio looked Lilith over before noting with a rather cruel smile, “Well, the one you’ve got could use some help in the chest department, but you’ve got a nice set of hips. Why don’t I bring you back home for a little fun? Show you what a real man can do for you.”

Lilith managed to then turn her attention towards the green skinned demon boy making his way back up to his feet. She bent over, teasingly wiggling her rear towards Gregorio as she spoke to Gosaku. “Why did you fall down? Are you okay?”

Gosaku got into a kneeling position before sending a suspicious gaze towards the little succubus. “Why did you attack me?” he questioned softly.

Lilith shook her head quickly and waved her hands out to the side in a rather frantic gesture, “I didn’t attack you, I hugged you! Don’t you know what a hug is?”

Gosaku blinked a few times before questioning quietly, “Hug…?”

A strong hand reached down and helped Gosaku up to his feet. It was Thomas Gray, a collector of artifacts who’d been listening in on the conversation. “I am afraid our young Voshtahl here is from a small village in Japan, it isn’t surprising he doesn’t understand being suddenly and randomly hugged.”
Gregorio scoffed at this before stated slyly, “No matter where he is from, he should have at least heard of hugging. Has he been in a coma for a couple centuries or something?”

Gosaku nodded his head quickly as he exclaimed, “I have been!”

Majeena let out a cool laugh at hearing this though a pair of large reptilian claw came down and grabbed ahold of Majeena and Greogorio’s shoulders. The draconian man standing behind them leaned down, his reptilian eyes gleaming, “Hartland, you are such a pig. Why not leave the little ones alone.”

Gregorio looked over his shoulder towards the Draconian unamusedly, “Must you always spoil the fun, Zel? You really do need to learn to lighten up.” He then looked down towards Gosaku and Lilith who was finally standing up straight once again now that she lost the center of focus, “But, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Morrigan had a thing for Azriel when they were little too, why wouldn’t a little Morrigan get hot for a little Azriel?”

Gosaku reached up and rubbed the side of his head blinking curiously, “My brother and Morrigan…? But, my brother hates Morrigan…”

Lady Gilman waved a hand dismissively, “They were inseperable once. Ever since that fighting tournament was held they’ve been at each other’s throat.”

Lilith crossed her arms over her chest before mumbling, “Well, maybe Big Sis had good taste in men.” She then looked over towards Azriel before hissing, “And then he became a big meany!”
Gosaku raised a hand up to the side of his head rubbing it a bit before narrowing his eyes suspiciously once again and poking the succubus’ nose lightly and noting, “What are you doing here anyway? I thought you worked for Jedah!”

The succubus leaned her head up before playfully kissing the finger and cooing back softly, “I do! I came here with him.”

Almost as if on queue, the doors to the throne room burst open, no sign of the guards who were supposed to be there. Jedah slowly marched into the room, an almost casual air about him. His gaze seemed to cause all the other demons to draw back just a bit, all except Lord Funechika, the master martial artist of Makkai and the trainer of both Azriel and Morrigan. Lord Funechika simply watched in an almost bored fashion.

Jedah strolled his way carelessly down the aisle between the main doors and the throne itself. The room seemed to darken and chill by his very presence. No one seemed to be willing to challenge his presence, even Azriel who sat down the way in Jedah’s path with the demon king staring daggers at him.

“So it seems someone has decided not to heed my warnings and to form a conspiracy against me,” spoke Jedah loudly breaking the deafening silence, though he received no answer, “How could anyone be so foolish as to oppose my might? I am the king, I am your lord, I am… the Dark Messiah himself.”

Azriel finally took to his feet once Jedah had reached fifteen feet or so away. As Azriel stood, Jedah halted in his path. “You are outnumbered and overpowered here, ‘Dark Messiah’; if you do not leave we will destroy you here.”

Jedah threw his head with a wicked cackle that echoed throughout the room. “You haven’t the power to destroy me, none have that power, I am truly indestructible.”

Several strings dropped from the ceiling not far from Jedah, soon followed by a life-size balarina doll with a jester hat and a wind up key on her back. The doll lifted her head of her own will and before Jedah’s very eyes turned into an exact duplicate of him.

This caused Jedah to raise his brow inquisitively before saying in a thoughtful, but unconcerned voice, “So this is how you fooled my servant.” He felt another presence behind him and glanced over his shoulder, already half expecting what he’d see. The purple-haired, green-skinned masked demon boy with glowing red eyes was standing ready to fight him as well. Jedah callously turned his back to Azriel to look the boy over, “And this was Galnan’s last gift, his secret treasure… I can see why Belial didn’t want you to fall into my hands. But, no matter… you are nothing but a speck.”
Azriel spoke once again as he leaned down, ready to charge at the demon king. “I warn you once again, leave or you will be destroyed.”

Jedah scowled, lowering his hands down to his sides, his blood red, pointed fingernails growing into claws. “Little Galnan, you overestimate yourself. Just because you carry your grandfather’s name now does not mean you are him. None of you have the power to even challenge me, even your combined might can’t hope to hurt me.”

Master Funechika spoke up calmly, though he did not take any steps forward, “You overestimate yourself in this Jedah, you are no where near as powerful as you used to be. And if you hadn’t noticed, Morrigan and Azriel has become nearly a match for you individually. As you are now, these three would be a hard challenge for you to defeat.. Even if you can come back to life, it took you a century to do so before.”

Jedah growled once again glancing between the two brothers and the doppelganger surrounding him. He then shot a glance towards Lilith who was already tiptoeing her way towards the door. He then looked over the minor lords and ladies gathered together. “I suggest all of you not attempt to ally against me. Those that stand against me will suffer a slow, painful death. If you join me, I will consider sparring your life until everyone else is dead.”

Persimmon took no time in scooting up by Azriel’s side and taking a fighting stance of his own. Though he was more of a politician than a fighter, his loyalty to the Voshtahl line was rock solid.
Only seconds later Lady Gilman stood up and declared, “We would never join with a fiend like you. We will not deny our right to exist and foolishly stand at your side.”

Lord Gray also slowly walked forward, holding his cane up towards Jedah he took a stand behind Gosaku, the gem at the end of his cane glowing brightly.

Jedah shook his head slowly, chuckling coldly, “And do you think a couple weak politicians will change the way this is heading.” He turned his gaze towards Gregorio and Zel giving them a knowing smile, “However, those that count clearly know to join the winning side.”

Zel shook his head slowly and crouched down, his body becoming even more draconic as he faced Jedah, “If you are on the winning side, then I will go down biting and clawing. My flight of dragons will burn your army to the ground. I am not a gracious loser.”

Gregorio let out a cold chuckle at hearing Zel speak those words and stated in agreement, “We’ve all seen how badly you take a loss, Zel. No need to remind us.” However even Lord Hartland could not distract the draconian’s attention now.

Jedah frowned only briefly before nodding his head towards Gregorio, “At least one of you is smart enough not to stand before me…”

But, before the demon king could continue Gregorio made a motion towards him and stated coldly, “Majeena, destroy that nuisance.”

Jedah let out a low growl as the bodyguard began moving forward. He was now surrounded on all sides by the most powerful demons in Makkai, as powerful as he was this was not a way he wanted to do battle. He threw his hands out to the side and a large forcefield formed around his body, “FINE!” he spat out angrily, “Then I will destroy you all for this. Each and every one of you will suffer for eternity for your decision, I will make you beg for death and refuse even that blessing to you.” Even as he spoke he rose up into the air, none tried to even penetrate the field around his body.

Jedah’s head threw back, looking towards the sky, his speech becoming more and more fanatical, “I am the Dark Messiah, I am the future and you cannot stand against me!” He then shot up straight into the air, his forcefield taking him directly through the several feet of solid stone to burst out of the castle without even a scratch. As the demons gathered in the castle stood up in shock of Jedah’s display of power, the throne room doors clanged as they locked after being carefully closed, indicating that the little succubus as well decided to make her exit.

Lord Gray shook his head slowly before stating with an exasperated sigh, “And so the war begins.”
Zel nodded his head in agreement before rising up with a low groan, “Unfortunately, if we separate too much he’ll be able to assassinate us one at a time.”

Lady Gilman tilted her head with a soft sigh before stating in agreement, “Indeed, this is true. I believe we’ll all need to gather together for strength until we can launch a proper attack.” She turned and looked towards Galnan before questioning, “May we use your land, after all you do appear to be the leader of this alliance now.”

“Of course,” spoke Azriel solemnly, “Let us gather our troops together, you may all move your staff into this castle. We have plenty of suitable rooms for all of you here. We will begin planning our attack on Doma castle tomorrow. There is no time to lose.”