This is the Darkstalkers say while fighting in Vampire Saviour.

This translation was done by some Japanese fan(Aki Mizusawa and others). This is NOT an official one of Capcom, please keep in mind.

Japanese Roman alphabet English Scene

Jedah Dohma

恐れてはいけない。私は最初であり、最後である。 Osorete ha ikenai.watasi ha saisyo de ari,saigo de aru. Do not fear me...I am the first, and the last. Openinng of last battre.
死ね! Sine! Die! Nero fatica.
爆(は)ぜよ! Hazeyo! Explode! Sangue passare.
契約完了 Keiyaku kanryou. Now this is the contract. Prova di servo
魂と血の返済を求める Tamasii to ti no hensai wo motomeru. Bring back all the soul and blood. Derk force.
ふん、弱いな Fun,yowaina. fragile ! Taunting
その魂、我に捧げよ Sono tamasii ware ni sasageyo. Now your soul should be mine. When he wins, with his sickle in his hand.
我が肉体となって生きよ Waga nikutai to natte ikiyo. Live in my body. When he wins, with his sickle in his hand.
やれやれ、こんなに弱いとはな Yareyare,konnani yowaitohana. Huh , What a formidable one you are. When he wins,shrugging.


どうして、そんなにお口が大きいの? Dousite,sonnani okuti ga ookii no? Why do you have the big mouth? VS J.Talbain
あ、お花 A,ohana Ah,flower. Down
あ、ちょうちょ! A,tyoutyo Ah,butterfly. Down+hard kick
あばよ Abayo Bye Hold & cut
いやーん Iya-n No.... Cheer & fire
こーないでっ Ko-naide Don't touch me. Shyness & strike
おばあちゃん・・えーんえーん・・おりゃ! 一丁上がり! Obaatyan...e-n e-n...orya! Ittyou agari! Grandma....(sobbing/ just pretending?) Ha! You're dead ! Beautiful memory
はい、どうぞ Hai,douzo This is for you! Apple for you
いくわよー Ikuwayo- Are you ready ? Dark Force
おいで、ハリー Oide,Hari-. Come on Harry(Her dog). Taunting
むかしむかし、ある所に・・ Mukasi mukasi aru tokoro ni... A long long time ago..... Time up
これだけ? しけてる。 Koredake? Siketeru. Is this all? Small. She count money.
だいじょうぶ? Daijyoubu? Could you win? New challenger comes.


やあ! とんでけ、バイバイ。 Yaa! Tondeke baibai. YA!(onomatopeia) Fly away and never come back! Mystic arrow
ぶんしーん Bunsin! C'mon my mirrour image! Dark face
ぜんぜんダメね。 Zenzen damene. It is really no good. Gloomy puppet show
もーちょい Mo-tyoi! More little. Gloomy puppet show
やるー Yaru-. Nice. Gloomy puppet show
イケてるー Iketeru-. Cool. Gloomy puppet show
ちょーやるじゃん Tyo-yarujyan Great! Gloomy puppet show
もう、ダメ Mou dame I can't continue. She wants foods.
いやん Iyan No She is changing the bat.
きゃははは、やったね! Kyahahahaha yattane Kyahahaha (onomatopeia, giggling) Well done! She wins.
遊びに行こうか? Asobi ni ikouka Shall I go for play? When sha wins ,changing her dress.
どう? かわいい? Dou kawaii? How do you feel about me? Pretty? She wins
ちょーやばいよー Tyo-yabaiyo. Very dangerous. Here comes a new challenger!

Demitri Maximoff

いくぞ! Ikuzo! Ready for it? ES Bat spin
死ね! Sine! Die! Negative stolen
地獄を味わえ! Jigoku wo ajiwae! Be hold the hellfire ! Demon billion
いいねえ Iinee Nice. Taunting
決まったな Kimattana Striking I am ! Taunting
カモンベイビィ・・お似合いだな。 Camon beibi-...oniaidana Come on baby..
You look so lovely....
Mid night Bliss. He is taunting !
楽しかったよ Tanosikattayo You are so sweet. When he wins,with his cape flattering.
ふっ、愚かな Fu,orokana ..Hm...foolish one.. When he wins , with his mantle.
私を讃えろ Watasi wo tataero Adore me. He wins when with 3 women.

Morrigan Aensland

楽しませてちょうだい Tanosimasete tyoudai Please amuse me. Appearance
出直しといで Denaositoide Come back.If you were stronger. She wins.
落ちろ! Otiro! Fall! Vector drain
気持ちいいでしょ? Kimoti ii desyo? Pleased? ES Vector drain
お仕置きよ・・気持ちいいでしょ? Osiokiyo...kimoti ii desyo? I punish you.......Were pleased? Darkness illsuion (punish you=osiokiyo)
悪い子ね・・ Waruikone... You are a bad boy. Finishing shower
私のものにならない? Watasi no mono ni naranai? Will you be mine? She summons bats and let them make an ariel throne for her.
なにすんのよ! Nani sunnnoyo! What did you do! She becaome the bat.
また出直しておいで! Mata denaosite oide! I play with you,when you came again. She wins.
見かけ倒しね Mikake daosine. You aren't not as strong as you looks. She wins.
どう? きれいでしょ? Dou ? Kireidesyo? How do you feel about me? Beayutiful? She wins.
また、遊んであげるわ。 Mata asonnde ageruwa. You can see me again (cause you made me amused). She wins.


おっす! Ossu! Hi! Appearance
大好き Daisuki My favorite. Cat clinch
にゃん Nyan Meow Wall scratch
あっちいけ Atti ike. Go away! Tumble Cat
ネコパンチ Neko panti Cat punch. ES cat spike
お願い助けて・・参ったか! Onegai tasukete!...... Maittaka. Please help me!..... How do you feel? Please help me!
早くう Hayakuu Hurry up ! "Please help me"faild.
大嫌い Daikirai! I detest you! Here comes new challenger!


呪いは!(ノロイわ!) Noroiwa! You are slow! Soul stun
御免! Gomen! Blameth nat Kirisute gomen
そこへなおれ!許さん! Soko he naore ! Yurusan! Sit and stay there! I have no mercy. Stone sentence
殺す! Korosu! Kill you! Soul torment
やめろ! Yamero! No! He is changed to the little boll.
まだまだ斬り足りぬ! Madamada kiri tarinu! I can't get satisfaction,so I want chop more. He wins.
血をよこせ Ti wo yokose. More blood. He wins.


ふはははは、我が名は般若! Fuhahahaha,waga na ha Hannya! Hahaha...My name is Hannya! Appearance


闇に還れ。 Yami ni kaere. Returne to your darkness. He wins.
やれ。 Yare. Go ! Sword
そこだ! Sokoda Shoot there! Thunder
来い! Koi Come back! Kill shred (Call sword)
裁きを受けい。 Sabaki wo ukei. See the wrath of Heaven Spirit crusher
そこまでだな。 Soko made dana. Your time has come. Taunting
これが定めか。 Kore ga sadameka. Is this my destiny? He wins.
我に光を。 Ware ni hikari wo May the holy light be with me. DF
幻だ。 Maborosida. Illusion?
騙されぬぞ。 Damasarenuzo. I will not be deceived.


知らない Siranai I haven't seen. Donovan wins.
違う Tigau. Isn't. Donovan wins.

おれ、さいきょう。 Ore saikyou. I'm the strongest. Taunting
はかせ Hakase. Doctor. DF


いじめちゃだめよ。 Ijimetya dameyo. You must not bully. Victior appearance.
無理しちゃだめよ。 Muri sitya dameyo. Please take care. Victior appearance.
がんばったわね。 Ganbattawane. You did your best. Victior wins.


いくよ、レイレイ!(Her sister "Rin-rin"says) Ikuyo Lei-Lei! Let's go Hsien-ko. Appearance
ニイハオ(Chinese) Niihao Hello Appearance
謝々(Chinese) Syeisyei Thank you. She wins.
再見(Chinese) Tuxai tuen. See you again. she wins.


立って、立ってよ。 Tatte tatteyo. Stand up,please. Lose
やめて Yamete Don't bully him ! Appearance
すごい Sugoi. Great. DF
撃て Ute Fire Final guardian
やっちゃえ Yattyae Down with it!


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