Japanese dictionary for animaniac

Japanese Romaji Meen Explanation
 成人向 Seijinmuke For Adults The word written on the cover of the doujinsi for adults well.
成人指定 Seiinsitei Adults only A general word.Japanese use it at the time as the movie as well.
成人 Seijin Adult Seijin is an adult in law.
It is the word of the meaning of the person who has responsibility and the right.
大人 Otona grown-up Otona is the word of the meaning of the grown-up handled every day in Japan.
男性向 Danseimuke

For Men of Adults


Danseimuke is the word which only the person who trades a manga doujinsi is handled for.It is not a general word.
萌え Moe



Moe is the word which means "bust out" in Japanese,but animaniac use it like this. Morrigan moe=Morrigan is lovely
女性向 Jyoseimuke

For Women of Adults


Joseimuke is not a general word too.
18禁 18kin X
A person under 18 years old must not see it.
The word which means a work for the adult whom however we use.
禁止 Kinsi Prohibition
18歳以上? 18sai ijyou? Are you over 18 years old? Make the person of 18 years old and over an adult about the sex by Japanese law in many cases.
以上 Ijyou Over
18歳未満? 18sai Miman? Are you under 18 years old?
未満 Miman Under
変態 Hentai Perversion
A sexual pervert
Perverted sexually
This is no meaning of the pornography in Japanese.This is often used when it is a person.
(H エッチ) Ecchi or etti Sex
Ecchi is the Japanese way of pronoucing the letter H, the first
letter in the word Hentai.
やおい Yaoi The work which draws famous character's homosexuality.(It is limited in the case of the men.) We(Japanese otaku) use this word well, too. The etymology is the following. Yamanasi,Otinasi,Iminasi = Non climax, Non punch line,Nonsense.
同人誌 Doujinsi The book which a person publishes personally for him and his company. As for the comic, contents don't limit it.They are sometimes a novel and a collection of poems.and an autobiography.
エロ Ero Erotic General slang.
エロ本 Erohon

Erotic book

Pornography(book type)

General slang.

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