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Voshtahl Files- Chapter 2

by Lord Voshtahl

There was a storm brewing, not unusual behavior at all for the sky of Makkai. Darkness was about the entire sunless realm new, though there was always some light from sources that it seemed only Galnan himself understood. Even a human who was dragged into their realm would be able to see fine. The young Azriel stood by a bleak window staring across the fires that dotted the landscape of his realm.

The attack had disappeared as quickly and unexpectedly as it began. The Doma zombies, skeletons and necromancers had been completely destroyed by the Voshtahl Ikai and Youkai. Many of the most bestial members of the Voshtahl now continued to ravage the once again dead corpses. Yet something did not sit well with him about this victory.

Jedah knew that by attacking the Voshtahl realm that he was leaving himself open to be conquered by the Aensland. It was what had kept peace between the three controlling houses as far back as the history records went. If Jedah was willing to attack at this time, Azriel knew that there was something very important happening, something worth Jedah risking everything or something that would ensure his victory. And what could ensure victory against the most intelligent being in all of Makkai, the one who had spies in every nook and cranny in both Makkai and the human world to whom he had the only access?

But what disturbed Azriel the most was that his Grandfather had traveled to the outskirts of their realm right before the attack and his mother had taken off into battle along with most of the armies to protect the gate to the realm. Since the Voshtahl family protected the only gate to the human realm, it was assumed that it was Jedah’s goal.

So Azriel was forced to wait in the castle, left with only a few advisors and protected by only by a small force. But that small force had succeeded in destroying what Jedah had sent to the castle. It had been days since everything else had disappeared, far too long for such a battle. His mother and grandfather should have been back at his side.

While lost in his thoughts, Azriel didn’t hear the approaching footsteps of one of the gate guards. The guard was bowed at his side, awaiting attention. Azriel glances over, his glowing red eyes widening a bit in surprise. “Y-yes?..” he questioned softly. He had only been left in charge the last few days and was still uneasy being approached in such a way.

“Young master,” hissed the guard humbly, “The young Lady Aensland has come to pay you a visit. Shall I let her in?”

Azriel brought his arms up before his chest and his eyes narrowed. The last time he’d seen Morrigan was right after she’d defeated him in the finals of a tournament to determine Makkai’s strongest. Yet, before then she’d been his greatest friend… more than that. Though part of his still held onto that grudge, if she did come to make amends he was not going to turn her away.

His feet picked up a quick pace, taking him towards the throne room even as he told the guard, “Of course, of course. We mustn’t turn away such important guests, I will see her at once.”

He knew the guard would be at the gates before he could even make it to the throne room. Yet, it was several minutes before Morrigan appeared at the other end of the hall.

He had always found Morrigan quite impressive, perfectly smooth and tight curves and a developing bossom that seemed ahead of the rest of her. Long, flowing green hair draped down her neck and soft green eyes that seemed full of affection at all times. He also knew that as attractive as he found her, a human would believe it even more so as her succubus nature filled the air around her with pheromones. Today she was dressed quite unusually for her, a long flowing black dress that covered much of her perfect body, but draped low in the front allowing much of the soft skin of her chest to be seen.

Azriel rose to his feet and gave a polite bow to greet Morrigan. “Lady Aensland, you honor us with your presence. To what, may I ask, do we owe the honor of your visit?”

Morrigan slowly stepped closer, as she came nearer it was apparent that she wore a worried frown upon her face. Her gaze dragged along the ground until she came quite near. As she looked up to meet Azriel’s gaze, “I think you’d better sit down,” she stated softly, “I have some… terrible news.”
Azriel nodded just a bit, a frown beginning to form on his own face. He could only wonder what news that Morrigan could know about before himself that would be so terrible.

The succubus leaned in very close to him, bringing her face in near. The behavior was quite inappropriate for the court, but where Morrigan was concerned, especially with Azriel involved no one seemed to blink an eye. She brought a hand up and slowly ran it along one of the ram horns above his ears. Her voice was quiet, sullen and soft, “Lord Doma has been killed. My father rushed in and dealt with him when he heard what was going on.”

Azriel took on a puzzled look, “That is good news though,” he stated quickly. However a look into Morrigan’s soft green eyes made that statement very uncertain. His mind began racing, already suspecting that with one major power gone that Aensland might decide to try eliminating his own house as well. It would certainly explain Morrigan’s rather tragic and sullen demeanor if she had been told that he was her enemy now when they’d always been close.

Morrigan nodded her head softly before admitting, “It is good that Jedah cannot hurt anyone anymore… but before he died, he killed your Grandfather… and your mother…”

Azriel’s eyes widened with shock at this statement. He looked towards others in the room as if to see if any of them were to tell him that this was a lie. But instead he found averted gazes. Not only was the information true… everyone else already knew.

Morrigan continued on softly, her lips coming ever closer to his ear, her arms slipping around his shoulders as if moving to embrace him. “Father has already announced that since he is the only demon king left, that House Doma and House Voshtahl will henceforth be minor houses and he shall be the undisputed king of Makkai.”

Then Azriel’s hand jutted up. A sudden rage had built within him and he shoved Morrigan away with enough force to thrust her backwards onto her rear on the ground. He rose to his feet and glared down at her, “So you don’t think I am fit to keep my house in shape? You are going to thrust this… insult upon my family line before my grandfather’s corpse is even cold?”

Morrigan looked simply stunned and surprised at first. However slowly she gracefully swung forward to her knees. Her own voice began taking on a sharp edge, “Don’t confuse what my /father/ thinks with what I believe.” She paused and then turned her head to the side and spoke softly once again, “I am just the messenger, please Azriel… don’t take this out on me.”

Azriel paused for a moment, drawing his hand close and staring at it for a moment. It was one thing to strike Morrigan in a tournament fight, but he couldn’t imagine what had come over him to strike her as he had done.

Morrigan slowly rose back up and began moving forward once again, “Besides, consider this… If my father is undisputed king then that makes me the undisputed princess and heir to the entire realm.” Her eyes narrowed as her face took on a rather seductive and lustful look as she came closer, “And a man who can curry my favor well enough would become the next King of Makkai…” Her voice became a quiet whisper as she came close enough to embrace him once again and began reaching her arms out, “So how about working on gaining that favor before another man decides he wants it.” She gave a playful wink before moving her hands up to grasp the front of his shirt and pull herself close.

But as her hand came up to touch him, Azriel grasped it in a strong grip. The thinly veiled blackmail had just pushed him over the edge. His eyes glowed brighter than they ever had before and he let out a loud growl, “ENOUGH!”

The shout was enough to cause Morrigan to draw back with fright. Her eyes widened with fear at the sudden change. She continued stepping backwards as he advanced on her intimidatingly, “I have had enough of your succubus manipulations! I am tired of playing your games! My house will not be shamed today, the name Voshtahl will live on forever!”

Morrigan simply shoot her head quickly, not certain how to answer this. She stuttered a bit, trying to find some way to ward of his anger. “But… I… No! You don’t… I mean…”

Azriel let out a hiss before suddenly turning his back, his cape billowing behind him. He stormed away from her, shouting over his shoulder, “Leave here and never come back! If I ever hear your name again it’ll be too soon!”

It was those words that cause Morrigan to simply freeze up, her hands clenching tight enough to dig her fingernails into her palms. She stared for a long moment before lowering her gaze and wrapping her arms about her chest. She shook her head at first before finally speaking up in a sobbing whisper, “Don’t say that. You can’t mean that. I know you are mad, but… You can’t mean that. Please, Azriel…”

Azriel sat down on his throne before leaning back. The rage still burned hot within his chest. “There is no more Azriel. Not to you… From now on I shall be officially known as Lord Galnan the Second in my grandfather’s memory. The name Galnan Voshtahl shall still be feared and respected throughout this world.”

The guards seemed to take their cue and moved in to grab Morrigan by the arms and lead her out. However, she shook them off and stormed towards the door herself. She paused only long enough to look back to meet Azriel’s gaze one last time through her tear-filled gaze.


“Lord Galnan… Lord Galnan…” A echoing voice awakened the Demon King from his daydream of long ago. Azriel sat up straight upon his throne, it seemed he’d fallen asleep while leaning on his fist. He stared up towards a large shadowy figure that appeared to be somewhat skeletal.

“We must formulate a plan in case Jedah attacks. We cannot be caught undefended,” spoke the shadowy figure.

Azriel nodded his head lightly before frowning deeply, “Jedah does seem much weaker in this incarnation than when he destroyed my mother and grandfather. I imagine that’s why he didn’t try attacking Morrigan and I, I don’t think he could have beaten both of us… even with his help.”

The shadow spent no time thinking before replying, “So you propose that we form an alliance with House Aensland? Shall I see if I can arrange a meeting for you and Lady Aensland.”

Azriel narrowed his eyes before stating angrily, “I am not going to go crawling to Morrigan for help.”
The shadow immediately questioned, “So you believe she’ll come to us then?”

Azriel paused on this for a moment, turning it over in his mind. Finally he shook his head, “No. She will not, she had Demitri on her side already. They’ll be confident they can destroy Jedah between the two of them. We must see if we can gather the Minor Clan houses to our cause however. If Jedah’s plan is to kill everyone, I have no doubt they’ll all be quick to join up with us.”

The shadow then spoke up, “If it would not be too bold, Lord Galnan, I would like to offer a suggestion.”

Azriel nodded his head lightly before replying, “Your suggestions are always welcome. What would you like to suggest?”

The shadow quickly explained, “With Belial dead we may now may be able to access Galnan’s legacy now.”

Azriel shook his head at this before stating, “We’d need someone from the Aensland family to break the lock. Belial refused to open it, but with him gone that means we’d need to ask Morrigan to open it. And I am not going to Morrigan for help…”

The shadow simply pointed out, “From what you described of the events of the throne room, there is a little demoness under Jedah’s control that would have the power to unlock it.”

A rather wicked smile came to Azriel’s face upon hearing this. “Excellent idea! We simply need the perfect ruse… summon Marionette.”

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