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Character's Profile (from Vampire Savior)

Huitzil L.Raptor Rikuo
J.Talbain Lilith B.B.Hood
Q-Bee Felicia Demitri
Morrigan Anakaris Hsien-Ko
Sasquatch Bishamon Victor

Character's Profile (from Vampire Hunter)

Donovan NEW

The history of Makai(from Vampire Savior)

The beginning of the Makai(Demon's world).

It is written in the "Makai souseiki (Genesis of Makai)" that the Makai is "the body of an evil god."

The "first life" appeared in the emptiness. It created the world. All demons are it's descendants. About 2,000,000 years ago that the reign of Demon World nobles began.

Zeruru Aensland the demon king is recorded as the first emperor in writing. It is therefore very possible that someone wrote the history and that the truth is in darkness as well.

(This was translated by Aki,and modified by Hastur. Thank you,Hastur.)

The gate

There is a space distortion, which is called "the gate", between Makai and the human world. That distortion connects Makai and the human world. It is located above the top of the Gilala Gila Mountain.

A jet-black cleft is opening and shutting periodically and is floating in there. Its period is about two-week cycle. It deflects lights and gravity and things like that. When it opens as widest, Makai and the human world are physically contacted and bounded for only a few seconds. In other words, it produces a tunnel between each other.

The gate was discovered about 2,000 year ago. There was a big change like a bolt of lightning. Since the beginning of Makai, a fire blizzard Lepe blew leaded someone who approached it to hell of fire. It stopped it selves's action. The present master of Lepe family (Lord of areas surrounding Gilala Gila) had servant to investigate the cause. The present master debriefed that there was a trouble on the top of the mountain and went to there. He saw a swirling stream of enormous power at there. Shortly after, the stream was swallowing him although he was Makai Noble and had quite a strong power. Shocking news of emergence of the gate, which killed him, took wind all over Makai while the day.

It was a new fear appeared in Makai. It transferred someone who approached it to far another dimension. The gate was dreaded as if it was lethal or death by residents of Makai. After all, it was announced that the gate was the most significant source of badness. Following discussions power elites at the time did, it was going to be sealed later. In fact, it might be true that power elites concealed the gate to keeping up their power before utility value of the gate came to light. After that, the gate kept on silence as if it was forgotten.

But..... Makai nobles kept researching about the gate. Before long, it was discovered that the gate was a contact point between Makai and another dimension that was called the human world. Also, it was confirmed that there were exhaustlessly source of their vital energy as evil souls, which were called "Maryoku" (magic power). There was power that was capable of competing with the three lord of Makai, who were ruler of Makai, in the human world. A lot of people indirectly keep one's movements for the gate behind the scenes, before long, Makai was now entering a period of war disturbances. Then, the tension increasing exploded after the death of spirit king Garunan.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.) 

A guide of Makai

Matairiku (a devil continent) is in the middle of Makai. The earth is as red as blood in Matairiku. There's an unending pitch-black deep fault, there are trees of a forest moving weirdly, there is a cave filling miasma, there is a poisonous marsh, which will melt your bone when you fall into, and there are residents of darkness infesting innumerably.

The area is several hundred times as wide as areas of adding together every continental in the human world at a rough estimate. It's impossible to figure the area of sea making peripheries. Even Maou (the Saturn of Makai) can't know every inch of Makai.

At the further side of the peripheries, high compressed atmospheric walls are standing so that you can't go outside of the walls. According to an ancient document, there is a break of dimension connected to another world, of course nobody can demonstrate. In the middle of Matairiku, there are Devil Mountains, which are higher than 8,000km above sea level and there is a big waterfall, which reaches 3,000km down throw. The waterfall called "Heaven to hell" drag anyone approaching into itself. East side of Matairiku is called "Daimakai (the Makai Sea)", left side is called "Daimayou (the Makai Ocean)". Daimakai is filled with 10,000 degrees Celsius flames, Daimayou is filled with absolute zero ice. At sea and ocean taking up with each other, there is a 200km wide crack, which reach to Inkai. There is constant storm and rolling thunder at that boundary. Several hundred trillion kinds of Makai living things live on land in places, and form an original society in their territory.

It is a harsh world, Makai, that weaker human beings can't live even a day in.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.) 

Masters of the three Makai noble families

(1) Berial is the master of Aensland family. His title is "the strongest man in Makai"

Another name "the devil" -- He is actually the ruler of Makai.
He is more than 220 yards (200m) tall, has four arms, and has four eyes (two eyes are on the palm of hand). He is the protector of Morrigan who is succubus race.

He is treated as special, because he has the strongest basic power. For instance, His power is equal (estimated roughly) to a few hundred thousand of Makai Beast, or it is equal to a few hundred Class A Makai nobles, who are like Demitri, his (physical) offensive power is the strongest in theory.

His body is covered with a protective thin film by his power all the time. The film can stand up one million degrees Celsius. If weak Makai Beast touches the film, they will disappear. With his two of four arms folded, he is sealing his power, in the past, he unsealed all his arm one time, then it was said that he defeated 200 Makai nobles by swinging his arm.

He used "Skeilephoton", which was one of his good attacks, when he fought against Demitri a hundred years ago of late. The attack was special attack by means of shooting high compressed power arrow with very high speed. If it hit Jedah or Garunan, they will die immediately (He used a warning shot, which was low power, against Demitri).

Though he had such a strong power, didn't feel interest to rule Makai fully or completely. This didn't mean he was disinterested. He didn't take the trouble to rule, because Makai was the same himself. However, he was doubtless "ruler of Makai" in name and reality, Makai Noble's struggle for power was continual.

When Berial won in the battle against Demitri by cutting off space that contained Gate from Makai to the human world, he damaged himself. His enough power had been diminished little by little. Though, Jedah and Garunan, who could take advantage of diminishing Berial power, already had died, nobody made him frighten. (Ozomu gave his name as emperor, but his power was quite no much for Berial.)

Makai is becoming weak steadily. When Berial power was diminished fully, Makai order, which is maintained barely, will be disturb.

(2) Garunan is the master of Bosital family. His title is "the brain of Makai"

He is the oldest in the Makai three noble. (He died when he was 32,000 years old.)
He has the best information network in Makai by means of using devil-beasts.
He had been the master of Bosital for more than 20,000 years.

He used to have power as much as Berial's. He was cruel and offensive more than Berial in charactically.

He had special ability to use and summon devil-beasts, which lived in a world called "Inkai". Since devil-beasts in Inkai had limit intellect, leading them required much power, so it didn't pay. Garunan could directly control nervous network of life that lived in Inkai by means of his special psychic wave, so he could control them with a little power.

However, he was a bit older than other two persons. He held dominant position, but he hadn't gradually been matched for other two persons on the basis of power. Instead, the summon ability was useful for him collecting information. He was called "the brain of Makai" later. It was changed to his image as a tyrant.

While he had been the master of Bosital for 20,000 years, any information of vast
Makai was gathered into his castle. All actions of men of power were leaked out to Garunan, they hadn't been able to act under the circumstances. Of course, he knew what happened after discovering "Gate", and he sealed Jedah or Berial or other Makai
Noble's action. Unexpectedly, Garunan played a role "Guard" of Makai. After he died, lineage of Bosital was diminishing, and "Guard" disappeared actually.
This was because, why his death drove veterans in Makai to let them fought for supremacy at a stretch.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.) 

(3) Jedah is the master of the Dohma family. His title is the "Lord of Death of anxiety."
The youngest master of the three lords; Jedah is over 6000 years old. Jedah lets his liquid body change in every shape. If he absorbs the soul of another, he can increase his power in but a moment.
He was always anxious about the future of the world that is Makai. Makai grows old, and it is decaying, it is because an onlooker like Berial controls this world.
Berial is probably the man who said it was "the life" and the "the destiny" that wasn't minded. Berial is the foreign substance that must not exist for Jedah. He looked for the method to imprison Berial securely, and waited for the opportunity to strike.

After Garunan(lord of ghost) dies, just.Ozomu was the young confidant of Jedah.
He was an gourmet.
It was "Eat a delicious soul." benefit that he became the men of Jedah.
Though ability was the minor, he was the master who deceived others.
He was genius about using others.
He advised Jedah about the way of using "the gate of Makai".
Because it was confident, he agreed on the opinion.
He demanded "Break a part of the seal" to Ozomu to open a door more widely.
He saw enormous magical power flow like a river.
"If this is absorbed at a time, a strong demon like Jedah must ruin himself."
He thought it to be the good opportunity for one to become the master.
Ozomu backed and told a lie to his master.
"Because little magical power flowed, I must destroy all seals."
Then, he ran away to the frontier after all the seals were destroyed.

He thought.
If he ruins himself, I can rise in life.
Possibly, I may be able to absorb the magical power that he was left, too.
Then, his plot succeeded.
Jedah's permissible level was bigger than Ozomu predicted,and all magical power seemed to be absorbed by Jedah.
But, even if it was a result, Ozomu didn't have damage at all.
Jedah broke up because it exceeded his limit.
He gather the magical power scattered widely, and stored it in Dohma castle.
He became the new master of Dohma family, the emperor Ozomu.

Then,100 years passed.Jedah revived in Makai.The world was wild, and nobles were repeating foolish plunder.He was anxious about it.
Jedah felt a pity more than anger toward Ozomu who betrayed him.
He had the plan.
The relief that his perfect restoration and all souls are perfect.
Majigen which therefore is the stage is necessary.
Jedah got off to Dohma castle, and saw Ozomu momentarily, and held his one hand.He had enough power to remove Ozomu(the dunce of the epicure affectation) though it wasn't recovered completely.
Ozomu was frightened and stares at Jedah and keeps silent.
"Ozomu,Would you help me? Your soul becomes the foundation of Majigen, and useful for the future of Makai."
Dohma castle was sunk with Ozomu at the bottom of the dark space which warped.
It was the beginning of his "save the world".

(This was translated by Aki,and modified by Hastur. Thank you,Hastur.)

Class of the Makai living things

The following simply indicate classification by power.

(1) Class S (Lord)
have ability to reign over the Makai.
In other words, the three lord of Makai:
Berial Aensland
Garunan Bosital
Jedah Dohma

Berial is classified S+ and is by far the more stronger than other 2 lords.

(2) Class A (Noble)
mainly are the present masters we call Makai Noble.
Demitri is a member of Class A Makai Noble (But, after banishment from Makai, he was demoted to B+ Class).

We call in the following person Makai 7 Noble. They look for the three S Class lord's trend for chance.

Lepe family
present master: Persimmon De Lepe (male)
is Lord of Gilala Gila, where there is the gate, that connects Makai and the human world. He is the most senior next Aensland in the Makai.

Maximov family
present master: Demitri Maximov (male)
is a young ambitious person, who fought against Berial. He lost the battle, was banished to the human world, and revived after a hundred years.

Hartland family
present master: Gregorio Hartland (male)
is the most lady-killer of the Makai. He is served by women and is enjoy every day. Confidential Mejeena is his powerful staff officer and an absolute servant.

Croits family
present master: Zel Croits (male)
is opposed to Hartland family. He is a rough. He has wyvern and looks different from human being.

Gray family
present master: Thomas Gray (male?)
is a collector in Makai. He has various items. Hannya and Kien originally are his.

Gilman family
present master: Sierra Do Gilman (female)
is a Makai philosopher. She wrote: the Beginning of Darkness, Me and Makai, and a lot of books. She is fluent in 78 languages, controls 1,400 spells.

Funechika family
present master and honorary teacher of martial art: Ed Funechika (male)
is a group of fighter. Present master Ed is a holder of 666th grade in Makenpou. They have so respect for spirit nature that to apt to look down actual battle nature.

* Emperor Ozomu's rank is about Class A+.

(3) Class B+ (Soldier)
have special abilities. They are soldiers who use stronger power than standard. We call them Darkstalkers.
There are 10,000 soldiers in all over the Makai.

* Player characters who appear in the game are classified as this class.

(4) Class B (Citizen)
are inferior to Class B+ practically. Almost all the residents of the Makai are classified as this class.
The total of residents are 6 million.

(5) Class C (Slave)
is servant class. They are treated as Class A and B's workers or domestic animals. Economy of Makai can't be hold good without them. Human beings who come the Makai by accident are classified as this class. The total are about 120 million.

(6) Class D (Beast)
is inferior Makai Beast. We call living things which aren't human type Makai Beast generically. Though inferior, but some beast can understand language and form a society. Also, there are 2,000 Makai Beast that have equal power of Class B+. Hannya and Kien are classified as this class and have equal power of Class B+. The total of kinds exceed 30 billion.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.) 

From Vampire hunter

Demitri battle a hundred years ago, and banishment from Makai

The three lord of Makai: the Aensland family, the Dohma family, the Bosital family.
Makai was under direction of the three lord for 10,000 years. When Garunan, who was the master of the Bosital family, died, the direction collapsed. It is called the start of the Makai Battle.

Jedah (the lord of Death), who was the master of the Dohma family, planned to rule Makai. To gather evil souls, he broke a ban of Makai to open a gate that connects Makai and the human world. This is because
he want to defeat Berial(the lord of demon), who was the master of the Aensland family. However,Jedah ruined himself because took in excessive amounts of power.

Makai was in very confusion. So far, other lords of Makai were forced to obey, they intended to defeat Berial. Demitri was one of the lords. He was young master of the Maximov family. He had a chance of victory. He used the gate, which was opened by Jedah, for made up absolutely lack of his power. He cleverly controlled his power and attacked, Berial's influence gradually were decreased.
"Berial...I'll teach you who is the strongest in Makai." he talked to himself.
It is Demitri's magical power vs Berial's magical power. It is time that battle!

He finally was at Berial's castle. There were covered disgusting signs. A huge shadow slowly was become visible.
"You...You have no manners because entered my castle without permission."
Huge body like rocky mountain was standing. Demitri said without fear,
"Hm(grin)...This castle and Makai immediately will be mine."
"You're kidding!"
For a moment, countless shine arrows had been shot toward Demitri. He barely dodged the arrows. He stepped back. The air were horrible and Berial opened eyes.

The violent battle reached for a few days. At first, Berial thought that it is easy to win Demitri,but he gradually realized a change of circumstance. There is a limit of Berial's power, too. He said
"Where are you getting such a large quantities power?"
Demitri took in souls from the gate, which connects Makai and the human world, now he could control infinite power. He was sure victory. He said
"Finish, Berial...Get my rage!"
He attempted to shoot a Chos Flare toward Berial, then
"!!...What happened? I can't move!"
Demitri's arms had been stiff. He was dragged by flowing backward wave of power violently.
"Berial, what had you done?"
"This is answer you can't defeate me, after all."
Berial had cut off space that contains the gate from Makai to a different dimension with the his last power. Energy, which was taken in by Demitri, caught him and he had blown away from Makai. Berial said
"I am sad that I lose my world a little...but it is inevitable."
Demitri had been blown to the human world with his own castle, he must be sleep for a long time for cure injure. By the effect of the battle, the gate was lost; simultaneously a lot of monster went to the
human world.

After a hundred years...
Since Pyron invaded, Demitri Maximov (Prince of dark) has revived. Short peace of Makai is about to break. Who is truly the strongest of Makai?...
The answer immediately will be obvious.

(This was translated by Katokiti. Thank you,Katokiti.)

Extra information


Majigen is the word of Japanese made by Capcom.
Such a word isn't being written in the Japanese dictionary.
"Ma" is the meaning of the demon, and "jigen" is a dimension.

Demitri's message

Demitri's winning messages are 16 in Japanese edition of Vampire savior.
But, there are only 15 in English edition.
It is the message of such meaning.
"This was a tired show.
It wasn't suitable for noble me."
I don't know why it wasn't translated into English.

(This was translated by Aki)

How their name was spelled in English was unknown,the character's name was written in Japanese by us.



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