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We're really interested in fanfictions on Darkstalker's in your country!
I wonder if you could introduce your fics. I really want you- ,please send them to me by txt or html!
When you send them with your nameiHNj (and url if you wish/don't mind),title, and some description, I will post them. If you wish, we'll try to translate your work to Japanese. It's for the convenience to introduce your work to Japanese DS fans.
And I'm sorry, but I can not accept the fanfic for adult (rime , lemon, Hentai and so on...I'm afraid that they might make some visitors confused).

Fanfiction (English)

No Your fanfic Your handle Your URL
No.3 Voshtahlfiles Chapter1
Voshtahlfiles Chapter2
Voshtahlfiles Chapter3
Voshtahlfiles Chapter4
Voshtahlfiles Chapter5
Lord Voshtahl Zakyo Toshi
No.2 Beliefs Ishmael
No.1 Fake Nikki-chan Kore Wa Nan Desu Ka(Not found)